Fashion Designers Resource Book

The Fashion Designer's Resource Book by Samata provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the fashion industry as a global business, combined with an insider's understanding of the creative process and the lifestyle of a fashion entrepreneur. The author offers guidance, pointing readers towards a fulfilling career in a competitive and complex industry. The range of pertinent topics covered include working in the industry as a fashion designer, business planning, selling your brand, networking, managing your manufacturer, using social media, emotional wellbeing and eco fashion. The Fashion Designer's Resource

Book provides insight into achieving creative, business and emotional balance. Insight is provided by a range of key industry influencers including Harold Tillman CBE, Former Chairman of the British Fashion Council, Simon Whitehouse (CEO - J.W.Anderson) Nigel Barker (formerly America's Next Top Model) and Suzy Amis Cameron, Founder of Red Carpet Green Dress. As recommended by ELLE, InStyle and The Design Trust, emerging designers should read this book to get ahead. Follow the #FDRBook on social media to keep up with the conversation. Find out about Samata's other published work here.

Why Is This Book Needed?
What Is Fashion?
Venturing In
Being A Designer
Finding Your Feet
Changing Times: Social Media And The Fashion Industry
Business Planning
Showcasing Your Work
Social Responsibility
Your Emotional Well-Being

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The Author

Samata is an entrepreneur working across fashion and media, most recently founding THE TRIBE in 2016. THE TRIBE is a global collective, created for women to empower and celebrate each other. The womenswear designer and published author, is also known for her work as Global Director for Suzy Amis Cameron's Red Carpet Green Dress, showcasing ethical fashion on the red carpet at the Oscars each year. Samata is committed to creating positive change within all of the fields she operates in and influences. Listed by Red magazine as 'one to watch' in their 'Top 20 women under the age of 30' in 2011, Samata guest lectures at London College of Fashion, Central St Martins, Berkeley and ESMOD and has written for The Guardian, Vogue UK AND Cision. In 2016 she produced and narrated the short video Designing Change alongside Suzy Amis Cameron.

Anti Copying In Design
An IP trade organization protecting designers.
Harold Tillman
Former Chairman of the British Fashion Council
Courtney Blackman
Founder, The Industry and Managing Director of Forward PR
Nigel Barker
Host of Top Photographer, Creative Director @PRAIBeauty (Formerly America's Next Top Model)
Rajeeb Dey
Founder of Enternships
Simon Whitehouse
CEO, J.W.Anderson (Former Worldwide Sales Director, Diesel Black Gold)
Sarah Curran MBE
Managing Director of VeryExclusive.co.uk, My-Wardrobe
Nick Ede
Founder of EdenCancan, Brand Expert
Helen Jennings
Nataal Editorial Director
Bekka Payack
Fashion Director of Global Language Monitor
Suzy Amis Cameron
Founder of Red Carpet Green Dress
Recent Press
Volunteer Work Can Expand Your Network


“Volunteer work can expand your network too and is a more natural way to build up your contacts. Volunteering to help out friends at photoshoots and fashion shows will get you into conversations with other designers, models, photographers and other like-minded people.” – @IAm_Samata. Read more in the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book, Chapter 4: Finding Your Feet.

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Being Yourself In The Fashion Industry


“Designers in the fashion industry want to stand out and make a name for themselves, but whilst striving to be unique many find themselves losing sense of who they really are, or at times pretending to be someone they are not. There is no norm for who you should be, the industry is full of eccentric characters, some forcing this eccentricity, some just falling naturally into that box. I remember being in the hallways at the London College of Fashion and hearing a girl walk past in a group and she said ‘I just seem to be so different from everyone else here,’ and I said to myself ‘that’s a good thing’; I wonder if she knew how lucky she was.” – @IAm_Samata. Read more in the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book, Chapter 4: Finding Your Feet.

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Putting Together Your Own Collection

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“The end goal for all designers when creating a clothing collection is to create one which is consistent with the clothing label’s image and one which will sell – to be both ‘c’s – creative and commercial. For a designer working for a fashion house the clothing is developed to guidelines set by the Creative Director, Head Designer or senior designers to fit that particular fashion houses’ design brief.” – @IAm_Samata. Read more in the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book.

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Almost Every Designer In The World Dreams Of Having Their Own Fashion Show


“It is the ‘show and prove’ moment in front of an audience of your peers, buyers and media, and it takes planning, organisation and of course money! You cannot decide to do a fashion show just because of the flashing lights; in reality, shows are expensive and pointless if you do not have the finance or infrastructure to support them properly. Yes, runway shows can get you great exposure and press but, at the early stages of your career, when you calculate the cost (of models, hair, make-up, guests, food, drink, venue, lighting and sound for example) it may not be the most feasible way to go.” – @IAm_Samata. Read more in the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book, Chapter 8: Showcasing Your Work.

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