As A Designer, You Must Make Something That Is Both Creative And Sell-able.


“As a designer, you must make something that is both creative and sell-able, as unless you are simply making clothing for your own personal enjoyment, this will be the source of your livelihood. If you want to run a successful clothing label the trick is to create fashion that gets the cameras flashing and gets you column inches, but which at the same time also keeps the tills busy. To achieve this your collection needs to be commercially viable, particularly in this day and age where consumers are seeking to justify their purchases. If it looks great but is uncomfortable to wear, or if it is such a bold and statement look that it can only be worn once and comes with a very hefty price tag, it becomes a less justifiable purchase.” – @IAm_Samata. Read more in the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book, Chapter 6: Business Planning.

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