Fashion Week.


    “Fashion weeks are one way to showcase your collection to the fashion audience of buyers, editors, press, industry influencers and celebrities. By doing a fashion show during fashion week you have the opportunity to brand and promote yourself, but right from the beginning a designer should also be aware that timing is key.” – @IAm_Samata. Read more in the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book, Chapter 6: Showcasing Your Work. Link in bio for more. 📷 – @svetaleyfman

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    Being At Fashion College Is A Different Experience For Everyone.


    “Some people love their course, the campus and their peers whereas others think that it is not what they expected. You will only know how you feel about student life when you start your course. You may find the workload easy to juggle and the course content easy to follow. To get an idea of what to expect you can visit your fashion college’s website, most websites have some content from students there, along the lines of ‘A day in the life’, and the forums show an accurate depiction of what is really going on.” – @IAm_Samata. Read more in the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book, Chapter 3: Being A Fashion Designer, link in bio.

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    One To One Virtual Consultations.


    FDRBook author, @IAm_Samata is offering one to one virtual brand and business consultations for emerging designers. If you’re an emerging fashion designer or brand and seeking advice, contact us through the FDRBook Instagram profile.

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    Visual Images.


    “Fashion stylists work with designers, photographers, hair and makeup artists and art directors to create visual images and looks for models, celebrities, musicians and high profile clients in addition to others.” – @IAm_Samata. Read more in the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book, Chapter 2: Venturing In, link in bio for more. 📷 – @didismode_fashionillustrations.

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    Being Yourself In The Fashion Industry.


    “Designers in the fashion industry want to stand out and make a name for themselves, but whilst striving to be unique many find themselves losing sense of who they really are, or at times pretending to be someone they are not. There is no norm for who you should be, the industry is full of eccentric characters, some forcing this eccentricity, some just falling naturally into that box. I remember being in the hallways at the London College of Fashion and hearing a girl walk past in a group and she said ‘I just seem to be so different from everyone else here,’ and I said to myself ‘that’s a good thing’; I wonder if she knew how lucky she was.” – @IAm_Samata. Read more in the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book, Chapter 4: Finding Your Feet. Link in bio for more.

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