Ethical Reading List – Top 5 Books

Whether you’re a long time follower of sustainable fashion, new to the scene or just a little curious and want to educate yourself to become a more thoughtful consumer, here are 5 books to help you along the way…. Read more…

Where do I shop for ethical fashion?

Earlier this week an important report was released by the Ellen MacArthur foundation which showed the true impact and scale of the wasteful and throwaway nature of the global fashion industry. I am still making my way through it (it’s 150 pages!) but some of the essence I am sharing below mixed in with recommendations!

A Stella McCartney campaign shot in a Scottish landfill site to raise awareness of waste and over-consumption. Photograph: Harley Weir and Urs Fischer for Stella McCartney

The report stated that the industry is responsible for creating greenhouse emissions of 1.2bn tonnes a year – known to be larger than that of international flights and shipping combined. At the same time, UK fashion designer Stella McCartney recently stepped forward to back the MacArthur’s foundation campaign (to stop the global fashion industry consuming a quarter of the world’s annual carbon budget by 2050 (YIKES!), and almost immediately more and more friends popped up asking me how they could change their shopping habits to become more sustainable. So in response, and in the run up to the holidays, I wanted to share some of my personal favourite pit-stops for ethical, and sustainable fashion below

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Fashion Designer’s Resource Book – Pick up your copy

The Fashion Designer’s Resource Book is a guide book (@FDRBook) by yours truly is a fashion resource and lifestyle book providing a comprehensive overview of the fashion industry as a business, combined with an insider’s understanding of the creative process and the lifestyle of a fashion entrepreneur. Currently available through @Bloomsbury with 10% off. Treat yourself 🙂 It features advice from @NigelBarker, @JW_Anderson CEO Simon Whitehouse, and other brilliant people working in this kick ass industry. Link to buy here.

If you have a copy, let us know what you think on our Instagram profile. It is available for 10% off right now so if you think it might help you personally (or a friend) visit Bloomsbury Publishing and pick up your copy.

If they could see me now!

Ah, right now I think most of my friends think I am living it up somewhere glamorous, but nope – I am at home, preparing for one of the busiest Septembers in a while – we have our Red Carpet Green Dress winner coming over for a month-long internship at Vivienne Westwood in addition I am working on a long seven piece article and digging in with the researching. Days like this I wish people could see the hard miles that go into what we do because it’s not pretty – I am tired and anxious to see the month end. Of course I am looking forward to it all, and know it will be an amazing month to meet people, be inspired and all that good stuff, but I am definitely filled with a nervous energy too. So then again, maybe I am lucky people can’t see me as I am holed up at home working like a beaver…

This is more like my current situation…..

  1. Drink water
  2. Face mask
  3. Eat healthy food
  4. Do some squats
  5. Try to rest
  6. Working hard as standard between each of the above steps
  7. Whilst all the time wishing I was back here..

Samata x


I have decided to keep this simple for now, as the THE TRIBE is a brand new, evolving concept.  I wanted to share a simple post as the founder of THE TRIBE. Firstly, thank you to our sponsor Courvoisier ® for fully embracing the concept and helping to pull together such a special evening. Thank you to the women in our leadership circle – Aneeqa, Valeria and Deborah – for coming on board to celebrate our launch and grow this into something magical.

As a little bit of background, I have been in the fashion industry for a good few years now and whilst I truly enjoy my work, what has become painfully clear to me is that real growth of any kind – personal or professional – only feels good when I have had the chance to celebrate what has already been accomplished. These days we work like hamsters on a wheel and rarely get the opportunity to celebrate our ‘wins’ – personal or otherwise. It’s always “What’s next?”….THE TRIBE encourages you to celebrate who you are today, and not alone either, but in the company of other empowered and inspiring women. My desire is to provide a space for women to meet, get together, vibe, celebrate ourselves and encourage each other to do the impossible. Finally, since I am obsessed with the Studio 54 era it would not make sense if we didn’t make this evening an epic party too! One of the things I always loved about the Studio 54 days was that boy did they seem to know how to have fun, come rain or shine. THE TRIBE believes that women need something like this, a night like this, and I didn’t see one – so I started it. Each evening hosted by THE TRIBE, women representing a plethora of industries including Fashion, Media, Business, Law, Food, Drink, Art & Design, Lifestyle, Sport & Entertainment, Science and Public Life, will come together in a positive space to celebrate the now and be supported with the positive mindset needed to tackle the future. Read more…


Today ahead of a special event this evening, I am launching my hashtag #WhyITribe, a hashtag with which I encourage you to share something positive about yourself, something you want to celebrate today. Maybe you landed just completed a project, had a personal breakthrough, or maybe you were there for a friend when they need you. #WhyITribe is about digging yourself, and not buying into the myth that you are not enough as you are. You are enough! #WhyITribe is why it is OK to be proud of the person I am already, versus the person I will be. It’s not about bragging, it’s about having self-esteem.

I am asking my friends and peers to share a post – it could be a picture or a caption – sharing why they feel it is important to celebrate who they are today or even what they are celebrating about themselves today – with the #WhyITribe. Please share across your social media platforms – I am on instagram, Facebook and Twitter and would love to see the hashtag on there – my dream is to see it trending one day.

Here is mine.

I am dedicated to making my dreams a reality and not afraid to put the work in to create something memorable – #WhyITribe

Now is the time


BREXIT and the EU Referendum have both sparked some global, local and very personal conversations all around me. I have started to think (even more) about how we spend so much time planning for tomorrow when in the blink of an eye, our tomorrow can be changed forever. These musings have me asking the direct question, if not now, then when? Yesterday? Well, that was Zen, this is Meow.

(T-Shirt – Sub Urban Riot | Skirt – Stoke Newington Mind Charity Shop | Photo credit – James Blite)

We are facing times of great uncertainty, but also of opportunity. I believe that we the people are becoming more and more aware that we must build the spaces and create the experiences we want with sincere intention, or we will never truly possess them. We need to come together, life is not about every person for themselves and never should be. It’s also about acting now, not lamenting over our tomorrow. For me, acting now is almost about basic survival, hope is part of our hierarchy of needs and your hope for tomorrow can also become your hope and realisation of the right now. If there is anything you are putting off for another day, I urge you, if you can do it today, do it today.

I remember something that happened when I was working on my first book (I am currently working on my second, hoorah); my agent and I received the first round of reviews back on my first edit, all a very new process to me at the time – 13 academics reviewed it from leading fashion colleges around the world and 12 gave it glowing feedback – everything from ‘must-have book – can’t wait for it to be published‘ to ‘unique idea, brilliantly executed‘. There was however one rotten review (pretty remarkable when you think about those stats), this one anonymous person was convinced that I should not be published by Bloomsbury because I was ‘far too young’, and as a result my voice would carry no authority.  Read more…