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THE TRIBE x Lancome

Lancôme announced as official sponsor of THE TRIBE. “I am excited to host another event for THE TRIBE as a new year begins. To be able to share that our sponsor will be Lancôme – an incredibly inspirational and aspirational brand – is beyond thrilling, “ says THE TRIBE founder, Samata. “THE TRIBE is all about creating a space for women to come and celebrate themselves, and who they already are. Lancôme’s message and actions, from appointing natural beauty Lupita Nyongo as an ambasadress to creating products for women of all, truly reveal their ethos as a brand, and that they are fully onboard with our message of positive beauty and self love.”

French elegance seems like the perfect way to share our news! I'm so excited to share that @LancomeOfficial are the official sponsor for my women's collective, THE TRIBE. THE TRIBE is all about creating a space for women to come and celebrate themselves, and who they already are. Lancôme’s message and actions – from appointing natural beauty Lupita Nyong'o as an ambasadress to creating products for women of all – truly reveal their ethos as a brand for women, and that they are fully onboard with our message of positive beauty and self love. Find out more by clicking the link in bio! In the spirit of loving Lancôme, check out our next post on @The___Tribe. _______________________________________________________ #Lancome #Lancôme #Makeup #Beauty #WhyITribe #TribeVibes @lupitanyongo

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Conceived by London based fashion entrepreneur Samata, THE TRIBE, sponsored by Lancôme, is a women’s only event and collective. Doubling as both a quarterly evening and a collective, THE TRIBE brings together a curated phenomenal group of women to inspire, encourage and support each other in a celebratory atmosphere.

“Lancôme as a brand is all about celebrating women, an ethos we share with THE TRIBE, making our support of the collective an easy choice. We want to celebrate women’s successes in every sphere and encourage them to be proud of all their achievements”.

Find out more here.

Farblack Media – The Grooming Room

The AW17 Grooming Room at Century Club, sponsored by FARBLACK Limited, as always, exceeded expectations. A pampering hub during London Fashion Week Men’s the two-day ‘treat session’ at Century Club, London, was the perfect place to go and prepare for events, enjoy some quality resting time and to catch up with friends.

With drinks provided by CÎROC, Sparkling Ice, Propercorn and KIND, this seasons’ AW17 Grooming Room was crammed full of good experiences and treats for all the guests ranging from SASSOON Hair styling, trims, blow-outs, braid bar, Cornerstone Wet shaves and facial grooming, ChinUp Mask Surgery-free miracle face masks, London Lash & Brow Eyebrow mapping and lashes, Elegant Touch Mini manicures and press-ons, Discover 9 Luxury skin treatments and AOFM Pro Mini makeovers. Needless to say, I took advantage of the kind offers and involved myself in a bit of all that I could, within reason.

Thank you to @ForwardPRLondon for a full day of pampering for my friends and I in the Grooming Room yesterday – hair trims, facials, brows, wet shaves (for the men not me), makeovers, cocktails sponsored by @Ciroc – very generous and greatly appreciated. Special day with lovely people, followed by watching my girl @Shingai storm the stage at iconic jazz club Ronnie Scotts for the 10th Anniversary of Soul Family – her new music is🔥🔥🔥 . Feeling very blessed today if not a little peaky🙏🏾 . Some pics on instastories alongside my Golden Globes picks, with write ups to come. Have a good week, some news to share later this week, stay tuned. ✨ _______________________________________________________ #Pampered #Ready #GroomingRoom

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Merry Christmas

Food For Thought

Is an Instagram post enough? No, but are starting difficult conversations important? YES, so post. ✍🏽️ Is a hashtag enough? No, but is forcing a spotlight on movements or people otherwise ignored crucial? YES, so use a hashtag (#BlackLivesMatter #NODAPL #WomenForWomen #ChakaBars #StopYazidiGenocide whatever, do it!) ✍🏽️ Is a link in bio enough? No, but is highlighting resources and flagging action points necessary? YES, so put links in your bio. ✍🏽️ Is a like enough? No, but is pushing important messages and truth speakers to the top posts and raising their visibility helpful? YES, so keep double tapping. ✍🏽️ Is blocking negative accounts enough? No, but is clearing your feed of the clutter cleansing and does it make way for the relevant stuff? YES, so keep blocking. ✍🏽️ Is following positive accounts activism? No, but does tagging people with messages to uplift their souls and focusing on enlightening content change your energy? YES, so keep following. ✍🏽️ Does the movement, activism, action stop when I put my phone down? No, but does using whatever platform I have as meaningfully as I can, whilst I stay kicking butt offline in person make a difference? YES. ✍🏽 Double tap if what you do or say online doesn’t stop there! I’ve tagged some of the accounts I follow for all of the above. Woke up with this on my heart and wanted to share X Samata X _______________________________________________________ #Sunday

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Take a look at, Condé Nast’s fashion e-commerce site. It launched a few short months ago and it’s safe to say that this gorgeous woman, @YasminSewell, is doing some truly fantastic things with it. I’m excited for what 2017 will look like having spent some time yesterday learning more about the new (a renovated, innovated and reconfigured version of the much-loved old – the encyclopedic digital home of all Condé Nast runway coverage) from the Fashion Director herself. With the gorgeous and quite magical Yasmin Sewell at the helm, it’s an exciting time to be in fashion e-commerce. > Samata’s Style for my look details. Details of our Friday giveaway going up later ce soir. _______________________________________________________ #Fashion #Vetements1stSeason @StyleDotCom

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#THETRIBE Intimate

@CristinaRossiPhotography always manages to capture the energy and vibes at our TRIBE gatherings – here is one from the #TRIBEIntimate. You were missed @DeborahSophieLyons @Uneeq_ @ValeriaBotteCoca. Thank you to everyone who is supporting the @The___TRIBE so early into its journey – I can’t believe how many women are jumping on board the concept and it’s amazing to receive emails (nearly daily) now with offers of collaboration and partnerships. Right now, we can’t keep up in all honesty. So I apologise to anyone who is being left hanging, it might seem intentional when it’s really not. We are working on locking in a team dedicated to the TRIBE to help ahead of our January party. Meanwhile keep tagging #WhyITribe – we just added some of our women’s #WHYITRIBE to a video currently on our profile – take a look and share your reasons for celebrating who you are here this Sunday evening 🙂 if you wrote a postcard on the night yours might be in there! Sending love and light! Here is mine…”I’m constantly trying to be the best person I can be, and I’m often hard on myself for my failures. It’s not great, but it’s how I know I’m committed to evolving, growing and learning. That’s #WhyITribe.” _______________________________________________________ #SheInspiresMe #TribeVibes #WhyITribe

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