Armed Angels

Have you heard of Armed Angels? The Cologne-based fashion brand was founded by Anton Jurina and Martin Höfeler in 2007, and is slowly by steadily redefining what effortless sustainability is really all about. The brand, which I discovered with a simple google search and less than 5 minutes of research, creates a comprehensive and beautiful range of clothes for men and women, what it truly means to be organic is centered as Armed Angel’s core offering. Ethical fashion as a culture and business fairness as a mainstay are thrown in for good measure. Forget fast fashion, the future is about fair fashion and Armed Angels do it so well.

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AMUR AMUR AMUR…we are in love!

I have fallen in love with the NYC based brand AMUR. They came on my radar when I was on the hunt for an Oscars dress, although the brand provides a complete ready to wear range of separates too (and have just launched their Pre-Fall 2018 Collection). Sadly, my bump’s proportions did not allow for me to fit into any of the brands gorgeous pieces for my red carpet moment even though I wore some of them for our pre-Oscar events. The brand’s name stands for A Mindful Use of Resources (AMUR) and was born from the concept that great style does not have to come at the expense of our environment. In the words of creative director Sofia Shannon “Nature is the ultimate luxury.” The interplay between creativity and the environment is essential to her worldview and what you can expect to find from the brands’ offering are sustainably sourced materials fitting effortlessly into a modern urban lifestyle. Tailoring is always sharp and considered. Read more…

Copenhagen Fashion Summit Dinner Style

BagSarah’s Bag Ribbon Framed Straw Gold | RingAdore Adorn ‘Missy’ Ring | SkirtEastNWest Highline Maxi Skirt in Silver Plear at Principessa | Top – Portobello Market

Ace & Jig

Founded in 2009 by Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson, Brooklyn-based label Ace & Jig specialises in effortless clothing made from custom woven fabrications, made on ancient wooden hand looms by artisan weavers in India. With a focus on craftsmanship and fabrications, the result is effortless basics with a hand-spun twist. 

Within the business much can be learned by aspiring eco brands about how to create sustainable fashion authentically. For example, scrap fabric from Ace & Jig collection is frequently used to make pieces ranging from fabric flags to patched quilts, whilst some scraps are used in collaboration with other artists for further interpretation and others donated to schools for educational projects. Given the fact that we throw out nearly 14 million tons of textiles each year, every little bit helps. Read more…

Ethical Style Diary Los Angeles Coming Soon….

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Ethical accessory spotlight: Sarah’s Bag

Sarah’s Bag is a Lebanese fashion house and social enterprise that creating one-of-a- kind luxury hand crafted bags and accessories which empower both the women who make them and the women who wear them.

Born and raised in Beirut, Founder and creative director Sarah Beydoun designs handbags and accessories that are known for incredibly intricate craftsmanship, attention to detail and vibrant, high-spirited appeal.

Launched 18 years ago Sarah’s Bag brings together the founders love of fashion and design with the mission to empower underprivileged women. Read more…

Oscars 2018 Ethical Style

For Oscars Sunday, I wore a jumpsuit by Fame and Partners, a gorgeous clutch from Sarah’s Bag and beautiful jewellery by Twila True. The fine jewellery line celebrates the beauty of the mind, heart, soul and body, inspired by the wealth of cultural influences, bold colours, and precious native resources of the Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation.

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