How to Shop Sustainably for the Holidays

In the next month or so, our days will be reserved for the celebration of love, gratitude and loyalty, to our friends and family, all of us spending time together over a feast and exchanging presents to express our appreciation and closeness. Could there be a better way, then, to use this opportunity to make ethical choices in every department of your celebrations?

From the locally harvested food, hand-crafted wrapping, to recycling everything there is to put to use once again, you can make a difference this season by making smarter, more eco-friendly choices. As for the famous holiday shopping spree – here’s how you can turn it into an Earth-friendly and wallet-appropriate adventure! Read more…

Independent East London Fashion Part 2

With this look I wanted to zoom in on the two pieces of gold jewellery – the cuff and necklace. The cuff was gifted, made by Laura Elizabeth. The pieces in Laura Elizabeth’s jewellery collections represent personal stories and the lives of incredible people she calls friends. In this case, named after Laura’s friend ‘Courtenay’, my cuff is a cast of a dusty miller leaf. Made from 100% recycled brass and gold (or silver) plated, it’s completely movable so can be moulded to your wrist. Even though parts look thin, it is strong and tough. Coupled with the outfit, I wore my ‘Classic diamond medallion necklace’. AWE jewellery is anchored by the AWE medallion— its four teardrops represent the blood, sweat and tears (of sorrow and joy) that define each survivor’s journey. Wearing AWE signals to the world that you’re stronger because of your experience, and connects you to a larger community while giving back to your fellow survivors. Giving AWE says, “I’m in AWE of you and what you’ve overcome.

Photo credit: Brandon Hickman

My ‘I Want Your Love’ jumpsuit (currently available only in red) is from independent fashion brand, The Lazy Ones. Created in 2001 by the creative duo Nat and Diego, The Lazy Ones started as a band to later give name to the label and in 2004 to the store located in Shoreditch. TLO is sourced and manufactured in London and its on-going collections have secured them contracts with some of the biggest international retail companies such as Topshop, PixieMarket or Itochu in Japan. Beyonce, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Keira Knightley or Felicity Jones are among some of the names that have shopped for The Lazy Ones designs.

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Independent East London Fashion Part 1

Independent British fashion was the order of the day with this look, the statement piece coming from one of my most comfortable pair of trousers. Found off the beaten path, independent fashion, Brick Lane will always be one of my go-to’s – you can find anything from a vintage leather jacket to small British designers, making on a small scale and selling no-two-are-alike collections. You can spend hours walking end to end and still not have discovered all the long street and its adjacent lanes have to offer.

My trousers were picked up in one of my favourite shopping haunts – Twins Diverse. Inspired by the concept of a single source – in this case, design duo Silvio Orrico and Sonia Tauhid – spawning two unique personalities, the his-and-her wares at Twins Diverse share the same DNA, but little else. While the men’s line of graphic tees, denim and a standout yellow biker jacket skews casual, the more delicate, dressier women’s pieces include Euro-chic skirts and trousers with intricate pleats and scalloped edges. For affordable pieces (my trousers cost around £70) that you will wear again and again have a wander down the lane if you live this side of the pond – 194 Brick Lane, E1 6SA, London.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Fashion by Amy Mia Goldsmith

A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Fashion by our resident lifestyle blogger, Amy Mia Goldsmith.

Switching to eco-friendly clothes is definitely one of the best things you can do, both for your overall well-being and for your environment. If you want to know something more about the benefits of eco-fashion, make sure to stay with us and keep on reading. Here’s a beginner’s guide you simply know to know about!

Green is the new black

People are raving about green fashion these days, and we just have to say that it’s about time that happened! Even though the concepts of eco-fashion, ethical and recycled clothes, and fair trade still aren’t fully understood by the consumers, we can definitely notice the improvement when it comes to moving towards more sustainable fashion choices. Read more…

SAMATA Newsletter September 2017 LIVE

VOIX Meets Mode Editorial Shoot Look Details

WEAR THE LOOK: Suit – Hebe London (£285) | Ceylon Jungle Silk Scarf – Santorus (£185) | Necklace – Accra, Ghana | Kingfisher Mandarin Orange Earrings –  Toolally (£45)

Makeup – Aleroh Beauty | Photographer – Jonathan Pattinson | Styling – Samata

Created by Gea Antonini, Federica Croce and Laura Zama Hebe – three Italian designers who bring together experience from brands such as Valentino, Roberto Cavalli and Vera Wang – womenswear brand Hebe Studio is quickly becoming known for immaculately tailored suits with a clean, fresh femininity. Essentially designing wardrobe dead certs and everlasting pieces these women are onto something. The brand combines conventional with contemporary to deliver some of the best cuts in trousers or jackets you will ever try on – dress up, dress down, thoughtless wearability meets urbane polish. Read more…

Samata Voix Meets Mode Feature

VMM stands for Voix Meets Mode which translates as ‘Voice Meets Fashion/Art/Style/Design/Innovation/Creative Brilliance’. Conceived, birthed and self published by Thomasina-Stephanie Legend, VMM is an independent London based bi-annual print magazine created for and dedicated to ‘Creative Minds’.

The magazine is designed as a remedy offered to the creative industry and culture enthusiasts alike, inviting them to a different perspective that seeks to bridge the gap between the beginning of a journey to the elevated stages of success of individuals making strides in their respective fields. The 4th volume and second print issue ‘VISION’ is a celebration of the people within this issue whose vision have been laid one brick at a time amidst the worst possible storms and weathers of life but still forged on regardless, the concept of vision in its entirety and appreciating the creative visuals and writings of our contributors. The vision of VMM has always been to inspire, motivate, elevate, celebrate, collaborate and promote the creative mind. 

The magazine explores & celebrates the struggles that has led to success for featured talents from all over the world highlighting their backgrounds, challenges faced/encountered, experiences and lessons learned through intricate interviews and discussions along with articles, essays, quotes and poems to inspire & motivate the creative mind and soul. VMM Volume 4 VISION launched online today at Prints will be in store by mid to end October.

Find out about the special issue hitting stores in October here, take a look behind the scenes or find out more about the publication online here.