Food For Thought

Is an Instagram post enough? No, but are starting difficult conversations important? YES, so post. ✍🏽️ Is a hashtag enough? No, but is forcing a spotlight on movements or people otherwise ignored crucial? YES, so use a hashtag (#BlackLivesMatter #NODAPL #WomenForWomen #ChakaBars #StopYazidiGenocide whatever, do it!) ✍🏽️ Is a link in bio enough? No, but is highlighting resources and flagging action points necessary? YES, so put links in your bio. ✍🏽️ Is a like enough? No, but is pushing important messages and truth speakers to the top posts and raising their visibility helpful? YES, so keep double tapping. ✍🏽️ Is blocking negative accounts enough? No, but is clearing your feed of the clutter cleansing and does it make way for the relevant stuff? YES, so keep blocking. ✍🏽️ Is following positive accounts activism? No, but does tagging people with messages to uplift their souls and focusing on enlightening content change your energy? YES, so keep following. ✍🏽️ Does the movement, activism, action stop when I put my phone down? No, but does using whatever platform I have as meaningfully as I can, whilst I stay kicking butt offline in person make a difference? YES. ✍🏽 Double tap if what you do or say online doesn’t stop there! I’ve tagged some of the accounts I follow for all of the above. Woke up with this on my heart and wanted to share X Samata X _______________________________________________________ #Sunday

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