How to tie a headwrap – Part 3

Here is my third headwrap tutorial video – this time featuring a little prop, my AWE Inspired Classic Diamond Awe Medallion’.

Watch the videos here, you can slide right to watch the full video which is broken to 3 parts but clicking on the left and right arrow on the Instagram post below – enjoy! Also clear here to watch the tutorial.


Toolally Spotlight

Toolally is a colourful British brand, born and raised in Yorkshire, with every handcrafted piece fashioned from acrylic and finished in gold vermeil or sterling silver fastenings. Toolally have reimagined the aesthetic of jewellery by combining unconventional materials such as Perspex, stainless steel and solid brass to produce collections bursting with unique shapes and bright colours. Describing their work as ‘jewellery sculpture,’ Toolally aim to combine art and fashion to create bold yet wearable pieces. According to creative director Mags Walker, the Toolally style is a fusion of her obsession with fashion and head-of-studio Kelly’s passion for art.

You can shop the brand here on their site, through independent fashion store (and one of my favourites) Wolf & Badger here or here at John Lewis.

How to tie a headwrap – Part 2
Here is my second headscarf tutorial video, as requested by my Instagram followers…

I tie this style for drama and ease – all your hair away from your face and a pretty cool statement. If this headband tutorial is easy to follow then I’ll keep going, so let me know in the comments please. If you have a favourite style you would like me to recreate, comment under the pic (browse #SamatasHeadwrap on Instagram to see them). This gorgeous headscarf is from  luxury British fashion house Lily and Lionel, I actually met the founder at Tom Dixon  dinner last year – she is incredible and talented so do take a look at what the brand creates by clicking in the link about my look here.

Giving this a go as I was asked to do some headwrap guides for ya. I filmed this very quickly but hope the gist is easy to get? I need to keep it simple when I’m busy and have hair off my face when I’m having ‘a day’. Recently had some allergies and hair needed to be off my face for that reason too. If this headband tutorial is easy to follow then I’ll do some more complicated ones, so let me know in the comments please. Started with a simple one >>> flip over…sorry lighting went crazy, did this by a window and the sun surged! If you have a favourite style you would like me to recreate, comment under the pic (browse #SamatasHeadwrap to see them). _______________________________________________________ #HeadWraps #Guide #HowTo

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Take a look at my first video tutorial above by hovering over the image and clicking the right arrow (on the right side of the picture) which appears in a circle.
Modal and vintage Rokit

Whilst filming my second instalment of the Headwrap series I wore my ASOS Modal skirt, a vintage Rokit denim shirt and my Lily & Lionel headscarf. Here is some info on my look below…

ASOS have a soft modal midi skirt with splices in the mix as part of their eco-offering, and it’s really gorgeous. A type of rayon, modal is a semi-synthetic cellulose fibre made by spinning reconstituted cellulose. It is used alone or with other fibres (often cotton or spandex) in household items such as pyjamas or underwear, but in recent years it has started to transition into being worn for more fashionable purposes. A second generation cellulosic fibre, modal is well known for its softness; commonly described as ‘soft as a feather’ and the ‘softest fibre in the world’ – keep an eye out for this fabric as it makes a resurgence. It really soothes against your skin. Read more…

Faux Fur Vs Real Fur

Fur vs Faux Fur – where do you stand on it? I am grateful to my Black Mirror San Junipero girl JanieMarshallDesign for opening my eyes to cool faux-fur alternatives. This beautiful faux fur coat is by a brand called Spirithoods. SpiritHoods bring the adventurous Spirit of the wild into everyday life while helping to protect endangered animals. All Authentic Spirithoods ® are made in Los Angeles California, with the highest quality faux fur (fake fur). There are no animals harmed during the creation of their products, and in 2011 & 2012 the brand received Peta’s Libby Award for Best Animal-friendly Clothing Company.


SpiritHoods also donate 10% of net profits to the conservation of endangered animals.

DeGalluchat Accessories

So extremely proud of my friend Alexandra – she has worked hard on her brand since day one and it’s all coming together. She has landed her first LA-based stockist in Malibu (one of my favourite places on the west coast) for @DeGalluchat. Her brand specialises in the design of high quality shagreen accessories, using leather that is sourced from discarded skins of stingrays.

Specifically, it is by-product from the fishing industry in Asia and uses only waste product. Collections are made by small family run workshops in France and Italy, selected for their unique craftsmanship and traditional use of materials. The brand is so beautiful, check it out. I am pictured above wearing one of her gorgeous cuffs. DeGalluchat also partnered with @FRENDS on the beautiful earphones I travel with often and frequently (right now I am listening to music with them whilst I read @THE___TRIBE postcards and work).

For my French followers, De Galluchat is based in Paris so I strongly recommend popping in to see her. Find out more about the brand here.

British Vintage-Inspired Fashion

RIXO was founded by London College of Fashion alumni (and best friends) Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey. The two friends found their symbiosis in 2015, and have since been focused on vintage-inspired distinctly British womenswear.


What to expect? Think contemporary pieces with signature details, including intricate hand painted original prints and devil-is-in-the-detail trim. Think anti-mass production and pro-timeless design. Find out more about the brand here.