New podcast live
Friday, December 22nd 2017
10 POC Artists you should get to know
Monday, December 18th 2017

I will always remember visiting Pantheon – Basilica di Santa Maria ad Martyres in Rome, Italy, (a former Roman temple, now a church on the site of an earlier temple) and seeing this stunning painting […]

Faux fur favourites
Monday, December 11th 2017

Fur or faux? What’s your stance? I’ve never been quite rich enough to afford fur and when I grew up I lost interest in it. Now I have friends with beautiful vintage in their wardrobes […]

Christmas 2017 giveaway – beauty gifts up for grabs
Wednesday, December 6th 2017

So what are ‘organic beauty’ products? By definition, organic cosmetics are created from ingredients which have been certified organic by one of the numerous certifying institutions that operate worldwide. An organic ingredient (or natural ingredient) is formally an ingredient […]

Sustainable Cashmere Tips
Tuesday, December 5th 2017

In many ways with its inherent luxurious quality, long-lasting nature, and natural fibre status, cashmere – knit or woven – is the ultimate sustainable fibre. If you own cashmere you will know that the good […]

Eco-holiday shopping guide live
Saturday, December 2nd 2017
WRONG Fashion
Saturday, December 2nd 2017

WRONG is a contemporary fashion brand by Fashion4Freedom, a renowned social enterprise and a name you need to get familiar with! The name WRONG – taken from ‘Rong’ which means dragon in Vietnamese – seeks to question […]