Representation Matters In The Sustainable Fashion World
Friday, July 26th 2019

In 2009 the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gave a fabulous TED talk called “The Danger of a Single Story,” – a moving piece about what happens when complex human beings and situations are reduced […]

Sustainable Toy Brands For Mums Looking To Break The Plastic Cycle – Tenderleaf Toys
Monday, July 22nd 2019

Sustainability isn’t just the basis of my work in fashion: it’s a guiding force in my life. I make a very conscious effort to navigate the world through environment-friendly practices, such as trying to cut […]

Sustainable Toy Brands For Mums Looking To Break The Plastic Cycle – Lanco
Monday, July 22nd 2019

Tender Leaf is a fairly new company, but there’s another toy maker I recently fell in love with that has been doing this for decades. Barcelona-based company Lanco has been making fully artisanal rubber toys […]

Harley and Lola, impeccably sustainable
Friday, July 5th 2019

More than anything else, I believe in the relationship between fashion and sustainability. My personal quest on conscious living began designing and producing clothes ethically, and it has expanded to every corner of my everyday […]

New revampled website live
Thursday, July 4th 2019

New and improved SamataHome! We have a bunch of great articles coming, covering topics from eco travel across to the best eco toys for babies. Things we love to write about so of course…sustainable fashion is […]

We love Indian womenswear brand Kanelle
Thursday, July 4th 2019

I’m always on the lookout for great brands championing slow fashion, taking many factors into account. I want every item I wear to come from a place of awareness, with less wastage, using organic agriculture […]