Putting Together Your Collection.


    “The end goal for all designers when creating a clothing collection is to create one which is consistent with the clothing label’s image and one which will sell – to be both ‘c’s – creative and commercial. For a designer working for a fashion house the clothing is developed to guidelines set by the Creative Director, Head Designer or senior designers to fit that particular fashion houses’ design brief.” – @IAm_Samata. Read more in the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book, Chapter 3: Being A Fashion Designer.

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    Think Like An Entrepreneur From The Start.


    “To build a successful label, you’ll have to think like an entrepreneur from the start. That means understanding how a business works and putting together a plan that lays out short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. Once your company is up and running, build solid relationships with manufacturers, buyers, and investors by being consistently reliable and honest about what you’re doing.” – Hattie Crisell from @fashionista_com. Read more about building a successful fashion label in the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book.

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    How Do I Make Myself More Employable?


    “You may be asking yourself, ‘how do I make myself more employable?’ Education is a key part of developing your employability but it is not the only factor. To increase your chances of securing initial employment or work, in addition to gaining an education it is important to secure valuable work experience and to develop key skills such as teamwork, communication, leadership, time management, creative thinking, organizational and problem-solving. Personally, I have never known whether or not a job would really suit me until I tried it out because as we all know, theory is one thing but practical reality is quite another.” – @IAm_Samata. Read more in the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book, Chapter 2: Venturing In.

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    Your Model May Become Someone Who Inspires You, Your Muse.


    “Your model can give you feedback about your designs when they are wearing them, playing both a functional and creative role to help you understand and reach your target audience. Some designers choose a model they feel a connection with or whose look appeals, others choose a model to make a statement to and about the industry, for example, the frequent use of 80-year-old Carmen Dell’Orefice on the runway by the London College of Fashion defies the stereotype that only teen models can sell clothes.” – @IAm_Samata. Read more in the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book, Chapter 8: Showcasing Your Work.

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    Fashion Stylists.


    Fashion stylists work with designers, photographers, hair and makeup artists and art directors to create visual images and looks for models, celebrities, musicians and high profile clients in addition to others.” – @IAm_Samata. Read more in the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book, Chapter 2: Venturing In.

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