Looking to get ahead in the industry? Add the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book (Bloomsbury) to your summer reading list. The book breaks down the basics of the business and offers resources for just about everyone from emerging designers and fashion students to aspiring journalists, publicists, and buyers—not to mention all you fashion know-it-alls out there.

– ELLE Magazine, USA


This book is a valuable asset to any aspiring fashion junkie

– Eilidh MacAskill, Editor of InStyle Magazine UK


The Fashion Designer’s Resource book provides a useful overview of the fashion industry globally and actionable advice and guidance which that will help anyone with the passion and ambition can heed to succeed.’

– Sir Harold Tillman, Former Chairman of the British Fashion Council


This is a fabulous resource for anyone interested in fashion.  As an award-winning designer and entrepreneur, Samata Angel provides a unique insider’s guide to surviving – and thriving – in the fashion business.

– Anna Wright, Senior Commissioning Editor (Fashion) Bloomsbury


The Fashion Designer’s Resource Book is really written from Samata’s own personal perspective with a lot of practical, real life information and insights.

I felt the book has a very aspirational message, showing what Samata has achieved at a young age, and sharing the glamour and luxury of the fashion industry, while being realistic about the long hours and real life challenges of becoming successful in fashion.

In this sense I think it is a really important book for …. people thinking about embarking on a career in fashion.

–  Patricia van den Akker – Director of The Design Trust



‘This book is sure resourceful. I keep reading it over and over, again and again!!!”


‘Book finished!! As said before, it’s been very motivational and everything well explained, congrats Samata – I hope we can meet one day!’

– Paola, Spain

‘It was a pleasure meeting Samata yesterday at the new designers exhibition. Your book is my best buy of the year so far!’

– Shola Ajayi, UK (2015)

‘My cousin absolutely LOVED the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book. Her housemate had bought it the previous week, but she had wanted to get her own too.’

– Clare, UK

‘I just can’t put it down!’

– JC Candanedo, UK

‘Just wanted to say how helpful this book was – was so much information and tips for me to learn about. It felt personal which I liked. I want to start my own brand in the next couple of years so this is where I’m getting my business information from.
Thank you!’

@Shorty_Zainab, UK

Finally arrived 🖤✨ #fashiondesignstudent #designersresource #samataangel #love #books

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“The difference between dreams and reality is hard work” Doing some fashion business research..

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‘It was a pleasure meeting Samata yesterday at the new designers exhibition. Your book is my best buy of the year so far!’

– Shola Ajayi, UK (2015)