Amazon gives top listing to FDRBook

Amazon just recommended my own book to me…brilliant, visit microsite to find out more.

“Looking to get ahead in the industry? Add the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book to your summer reading list. The book breaks down the basics of the business and offers resources for just about everyone from emerging designers and fashion students to aspiring journalists, publicists, and buyers-not to mention all you fashion know-it-alls out there.” –  Catherine Straut,
“As many a designer will testify, carving a career in the fashion industry is no mean feat. More than just talent alone, you’ll need determination, drive and focus; but for that extra bit of help with the above, you’ll also need Samata Angel’s new book, the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book… Tackling topics such as business planning, brand awareness and networking, as well as emotional wellbeing and stress, Samata’s oh-so helpful, no-nonsense approach to the ins and outs of the fashion industry is a must read.” –
“Written from a British perspective by womenswear designer Angel, this resource offers a comprehensive overview of the fashion industry and the creative processes employed by designers. It provides insights into life as a fashion entrepreneur. Topics such as education , branding and advertising, business planning, work-life balance, social media and networking, and sustainable practices are introduced. Sections range from ‘What is Fashion?’ and ‘Venturing In’ to ‘Social Responsibility’ and ‘Your Emotional Well-Being’. In some cases, the author either does not cite the sources for her research, or references Wikipedia (CH, Mar’06, 43-3736) as the source……this book….will be useful for readers considering a career in the fashion industry, including high school students and first-year college students. Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-level undergraduates, two-year technical program students, and general readers.” –  C. B. Cannon, Savannah College of Art and Design, CHOICE
“This book offers a comprehensive overview over the fashion industry from where to study to how to set up your own fashion business (write a business plan, seek funding, production etc.) The book offers case studies and useful industry insights. Therefore, I would recommend this book even for someone who worked in the industry for awhile because I got a lot of new insights by reading Samata’s book myself.” –  Matilda Lundin,