Bespoke your world

My journey with designing started with customising pieces, I used to pull items from my sisters’ wardrobes (with or without their consent) and add beads, trim and embellishments to them, creating an (almost) unrecognisable piece. A few weeks ago I posted this, about how my mother always used to make unique outfits for my two sisters and I, and how wearing something I knew no one else would have would always made me feel unique and quite badass. It is because of this early, personal journey with personalisation (excuse the pun) and bespoke fashion that I love everything Bespoke Your Work stands for.

Apparently the experiences you remember the most are ones that surprise you, and when I was invited to an evening of personalised luxury at Cafe Royal Hotel with Bespoke Your World, I had no idea what to expect. Actually, that is not entirely true, I expected to be besieged with designers selling luxury, but I didn’t expect to connect with the soul of the brands so much, simply because of how the event was cleverly set up to tell each and every brands’ story.

As guests, we were taken on a journey to discover our own personal style and were lucky enough to meet curated, luxury brands along the way. Whilst all the brands showcased were expertly designed and impeccably (often locally) made, I loved the personalised Laurie Lee leather jackets, for this truly bespoke element. It’s a well known fact that once an item has been customised especially for us, we are more likely to feel attached to it and less likely to view it as a throwaway piece, so it is completely easy to understand why once you get your hands on one of these jackets, you will never want to let it go. Bespoke Your World is a unique luxury Instagram shopping platform showcasing one of a kind collections that you can discover, and each piece has a story of uniqueness and craftsmanship behind it – take a look and find out more here.

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