Discover well-made, distinctive fashion from Wolf & Badger

Continuing my ethical style series I wandered on to Wolf & Badger, arguably one of the most innovative fashion retailers in the UK, to browse through what was on offer. The store has a powerful online presence with bricks and mortar in London (recently launching their first store outside the UK in the Big Apple), and presents an omnichannel expertly-curated offering of the freshest independent brands out there.

Named after the childhood nicknames given to them by their mother, Wolf & Badger is the brainchild of brothers Henry Graham (Creative Director and Co-Founder) and George Z Graham (CEO and Co-Founder). When it comes to fashion and accessories, the online editors and buyers know what they’re doing and deliver a range of unique Made in Britain and international design talent.

Their designers are known for attention to detail, distinctive design and that uncommon little something you just won’t find anywhere else. Here are some of the brands I am loving right now, delivering something fresh and sustainable at the same time…

Siobhan Molloy 

Colourful and bold feels about right as summer approaches, and Siobhan Molloy’s collection has sprightly pieces for the gallant wardrobe. My personal pick, the  red suede caddy top – with asymmetric frilled sleeves – is an incredible piece. Siobhan Molloy’s brand are part of the rising crop of made in Britain (in this case London) brands offering a fun pop of chisel, fluidity and no-brainer merriment for the wardrobe. With its asymmetric frilled sleeves and hemline – this particular design features the womenswear brands’ popular Lashes appliqué design, a recognisable trademark Siobhan is becoming known for.

Manchester School of Art alumni, Siobhan Molloy manufactures in London using the best of British – skilled technicians, quality fabrics and finishes (the latter sourced from the UK and Europe where possible). After working with Karen Millen in her design studio in Kent, Siobhan set up her own label selling her designs in Boutiques across the North West of England. The locally-made movement puts product provenance at the forefront of the manufacturing conversation by supporting the sustenance of manufacturing skills in the U.K. Whilst Made In Britain is not the guaranteed marker of quality (and actually also decent health, safety and wage standards) that is always assumed, in this case it is. This simple, more closed supply chain assures transparency and brand accountability. Whilst ‘Made in’ disclosures are not required for products traded within the European Union when they are used it can often be misleading, with brands focusing on finishing and packaging yet manufacturing the bulk elsewhere and offshore. This isn’t the case with Siobhan’s brand where domestic input is sizeable.


Hebe Studio

The Hebe Suit Red Girlfriend high-waisted Palazzo Pants in red are a slice of fresh heaven! I’m digging the 70’s vibe right now (I blame The Get Down series on Netflix and my growing desire to bring back the soul train) – either way, the comfortable high waisted red Palazzo pants gave me that throwback vibe I was looking for.

Created by Gea Antonini, Federica Croce and Laura Zama Hebe – three Italian designers who bring together experience from brands such as Valentino, Roberto Cavalli and Vera Wang – womenswear brand Hebe Studio is quickly becoming known for immaculately tailored suits with a clean, fresh femininity. Essentially designing wardrobe dead certs and everlasting pieces these women are onto something. The brand combines conventional with contemporary to deliver some of the best cuts in trousers or jackets you will ever try on – dress up, dress down, thoughtless wearability meets urbane polish. Hebe use Italian-based tailors to manufacture, delivering unpredictable and noteworthy colour pops and hand-made details – selling their reinterpretations of the classic men’s suit through retailers like Wolf & Badger amongst others.



I wore the Lashes Red Pig Suede Caddy Top by Siobhan Molloy coupled with red palazzo pants by Hebe Studio with gorgeous ‘Staggered Hoops Iridescent’ earrings by Yorkshire brand Toolally. Inspired by the 60s, the brand offers something iconic for your jewellery collection – entertaining design, modernist architecture, gleaming colour palettes with throwback geometric shapes. The handcrafted made from acrylic range features art-deco and tribal style pieces which will finish any outfit with a touch of vintage appeal.

Browse Wolf & Badger to discover some distinctive brands here.