Eco Decor for the baby shower

As many of you know, I am the Global Campaign Director for ethical design project Red Carpet Green Dress, founded by Suzy Amis Cameron. Our campaign showcases ethical designs on the Oscars red carpet every year. Our project fundraises for MUSE School CA, currently America’s ‘greenest school’ where students learn in a campus which feature recycled, repurposed and eco furnishing. Whilst working in the field of sustainability (on the fashion side) my passion for ethical design has spread across all areas of my lifestyle – from what I eat all the way across to where I stay when I travel. Home and away! I will be writing much more in the lifestyle section about this (and have an exciting section launching soon about this same interest so stay tuned).

When my baby shower approached, I asked the friends organising it to go eco with the decor and they company we worked with, Pipii, are simply put, incredible. So much so that I got a little obsessed with them and had a chat with the team to find out more about their approach to sourcing eco items.

Can you tell us a little about your brand?

The concept for Pipii was formed with 2 Danes taking inspiration from growing up in Denmark where Hygge (now a well-known concept of Danish living in the UK) is a way of life and we were looking to bring this element to partying without breaking the bank or the planet.  We had come across gorgeous basic eco friendly products which we were keen to make available to the general consumer. Most of these products were then hard to come by and not readily available to buy for everyday use and parties. The idea was to create a one stop shop where you can put your own party together using as much eco friendly and eco-conscious products as possible as well as introducing the idea that you would create your own party theme combining products with crafty ideas, recipes and seasonal suggestions.

How do you approach sustainability/transparency?

Our aim is to stock the best range of eco conscious tableware and party products that we are able to find and we are constantly on the look out for new products and or new suppliers in order to find the best and most affordable products for our customers.

Most of these are either biodegradable or compostable, made from renewable, sustainable or recyclable material such as bamboo, plant starch, PLA, kraft paper etc…and include products such as paper straws, sugarcane tableware, PLA cups and straws . All products are listed with their eco credentials.

Let us know a little bit about the range of eco products available?

Our aim was also to show how many of our core product could have a multitude of uses ie the kraft boxes or soup containers are shown used as gift boxes. We love the idea of people using our recycled kraft food boxes to create party boxes instead of the intended take out food use ie to reinvent the perception of how to do a kids party or a wedding favour box. Nothing like a bit of thinking outside the box! Our core products from day one was wooden cutlery, sugarcane and palm leaf ware, brown kraft paper, bags, boxes and traditional manilla tags and grew to include a great choice in sugarcane & palm leaf plates in various shapes, sizes & contemporary designs as well as bowls and platters as well as a fantastic selection of wooden and bamboo canapé accessories, this includes wooden boats, cones, skewers and cocktails sticks. Many of those initial products sourced are with us today and remain some of our best sellers.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when trying to grow the brand?

Initially the challenge we faced was to encourage customers to be confident in combining products and be creative with them and to encourage customers to go for our eco tableware instead of what most customers have used before. We are all creatures of habits and go for what we know…Wooden cutlery, palm leaves and sugarcane were very unfamiliar to most customers and hence they lacked the confidence in buying them. We have always been very strict in choosing our tableware products and make sure that the product is not only great quality but also available at a good price.  It is important to us that our customer are happy with the product they have got and we would send out lots of samples at the beginning as customers were unsure what they were buying.

Now that more and more consumers are becoming aware of the impact on the environment, this has made customers more aware and keen to buy sustainable products. We have had a huge increase in interest recently with queries such as ‘what can we do to become more eco aware? This is fantastic…we have also seen an increase in more and more companies offering similar product so more competition….it’s a good thing for us all! But it is of course a challenge for us at the same time but a good one!

Our ultimate goal was to show that everyone can party beautifully but in a sensible manner without breaking the bank and without leaving too many footprints. We don’t pretend to be 100% eco friendly but with our ethics and a vast range of eco friendly products, we believe we promote a fabulous and sustainable way to party.

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