Eco and Ethical Baby Brands to be Aware Of

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It seems that our little ones are growing at the speed of light; one moment they’re toddlers and the next thing you know – it’s time for school. Due to this fact, it’s quite difficult to constantly buy replacements for the clothes they cannot fit in anymore. However, just as it’s the case with the fashion for adults, sustainability has also become very popular in the baby brands fashion world. Not only is this super important because of the materials that are used and the lack of harmful chemicals that can affect your baby’s skin, but it’s also an option that means providing only the top-quality for your children. Moreover, ethics are also a top priority. From making sure that workers have fair wages and safe working environment, to the ones who help out different charity organizations, it seems that many baby brands are making a difference. Now, what are the best eco and ethical baby brands that you need to be aware of?

Biodegradable wipes

Just like you’re taking care of the hygiene of your delicate newborn baby, you should be paying attention to the hygiene of our beautiful planet. And there is an option to do both of these tasks at the same time, as there are companies that produce biodegradable baby wipes, which is certainly an amazing option. The best on the market are the Mum & You biodegradable wipes – they are also hypoallergenic and safe for the environment. It will also help the sensitive and eczema-prone skin of your child as they are made using 100% naturally derived wipes. If you have the option of buying such wipes, why not? Buying a 12 pack will bring you 672 baby wipes, which is an amazing number.


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We don’t seem to pay a lot of attention to the seemingly unimportant items for both ourselves and our babies. Some of them are the towels and bath robes, that can be made out of the most harmful chemicals and we wouldn’t know about it – possibly because we’re not using them constantly. However, it’s very important to have a top-notch quality towels and bath robes as our skin, and especially the skin of our babies, is quite sensitive and delicate after bathing. One of the best companies is Bathing Bunnies, which produces towels, bath robes and even ponchos for both toddlers and newborn babies. These products are not only eco-friendly and quite ethical, but they also come in some of the most amazing patterns, colors and shapes, which makes them one of the best possible gifts to any baby or toddler.

Charitable options

Apart from paying attention to the materials that are used in the process of producing the clothes for our bundle of joy, it’s also important to support all those companies and stores who have an ethical policy. There are several stores that support charity organizations through the sales of their products, so buying great and stylish kids boutique clothing from such stores really is a good way to go. Regardless of where you’re from, you can definitely support these stores, such as Love From Iylah, a great Australian store that donates a portion of each sale to the Miracle Babies Foundation – Australia’s leading organization supporting premature and sick newborns, their families, and the hospitals that take care of them.

Eco and ethical clothing

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As far as eco-friendly and ethical clothing brands are concerned, there are several out there on the market, and even though each is special in its own way, there are two that are really unique, different, and in lack of a better word – great. Sense Organics is one of them, a company that was established in 1996 and is now one of the leaders in eco-friendly baby fashion. They produce stylish and completely organic clothes, while still being quite ethical and advertising fair trade. Also, keep your eyes open to the Nature Baby brand, which is also a great organic brand which produces some of the most beautiful pieces for babies.

Accessories are also important

Finally, it’s not only the clothes and towels that you need to worry about, as there are other things that your baby comes into contact with, so opting for a sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical option is a must. First of all, having a good carrier is a good idea, and if you choose to use this item, why not go with some of the best ethical options such as the LÍLLÉbaby which empowers families with innovative and unique products. Moreover, make sure that you’re using organic baby cleaning products and shampoos, and Big Green Smile will help you in this department as you can find everything that you need for your baby, with the difference being that you can rest assured everything is made from organic ingredients of the highest-quality.

Having a sustainable and ethical wardrobe for you is simply not enough. You have your baby to worry about now, so if you are green and you care about the fair wages and the environment, you might as well think about this the next time you’re buying products for your baby.

By Claire Hastings

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