Fashion Brands Approved By the Sustainable Movement

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

The sustainable movement is truly gaining momentum. The pillars of sustainability have been discussed at length at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, and a great number of brands, whether high-end, high-street or fast fashion have come to a conclusion that things need to change, immensely. Sustainability isn’t only about quality garments that will stand the test of time and create less pollution by not ending up in landfills quickly. It’s about fair and ethical production, decent working conditions and wages and environmental preservation. We want to know where our clothes come from, who makes them and if they’re paid fairly for doing so. The industry has their work cut out for them, but we as consumers have to take part as well. It’s our moral obligation to the planet to throw away less, and that is why we have a plethora of amazing sustainable and ethical fashion brands, approved by the sustainable movement, so let’s do our part and still look great.


A brand whose clothes are produced in ethical factories, a brand who pays the utmost attention to quality – Everlane. This is a brand that spends months looking for the finest, purest fabrics as well as the best factories all around the world. Their policy is ‘radical transparency’. You know exactly what your clothes are made of and where they come from. The one thing that is highly specific about this brand is that they aren’t a slave to trends. They produce garments of the finest quality, but they mostly focus on quality basics, simple and flattering tees, minimalistic sweaters, Italian shoes, great denim and simple, understated dresses. They also produce incredible pieces for men, so everyone is welcome to shop at Everlane. It’s the perfect place to stock up on basics, and a heaven for sworn minimalists.


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We are living in a world in which the athleisure trend still holds the crown, and it gains more followers every day. It then comes as no surprise that we would want to look into just how ethical these famous activewear brands are, and apparently, while they still have some work to do, this sportswear brand has received the green light. When it comes to their most coveted pieces, the amazing Adidas shoes which are both stylish and provide support for those physically active take the first place. Their apparel, namely hoodies, leggings, tops and even jackets come in close second place, so everyone who loves the athleisure trend will certainly love everything Adidas has to offer.


Not only does Able adhere to fair labor practices but it’s also here to empower women and help put a stop to poverty and gender inequality. Namely, the brand’s products are made by female artisans in Peru, the fabrics are ethically sourced, and the ladies who make all the beautiful garments are paid more than fairly. As we do love us some female empowerment, we are so here for this brand. The most beloved and coveted items? Their amazing line of super chic bags and accessories, their perfect and flattering denim jeans and jackets, and shoes so sleek, chic and minimalistic yet interesting we want them all in our closet. This is a brand where you could spend everything you’ve got and say “I regret nothing” because everything is just so well designed, created – so amazing we wanna die.

Thought Clothing

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

This brand is everything a sustainable fashion lover could want, and then some more. First of all, they make all their clothing items from organic cotton, bamboo and hemp, and we know just how healthy these fabrics are for our skin. Their clothes are also sustainable and eco-friendly, of course. Now, most sustainable companies produce minimalistic basics, but this is the place for all those statement dressers and everyone with a quirky sense of fashion a la Zoey Deschanel. From colorful polka dot blouses, colorful dresses and gorgeous floral tunics to warm, long cardigans and super-trendy embroidered jackets – we could go on forever. So, in order not to do that, you may want to hop over to their website and check their amazing collection (for both men and women) yourself. You’ll instantly recognize the British quirkiness, but worry not, this British brand also ships internationally, so you will be able to snag your favorite pieces.


This California-based brand has ladies covered in multiple fields. Not only will you find trendy leopard and other animal print items as well as cool and trendy checked outerwear, but they also have incredible basics too. Additional incentive – thanks to Reformation, you can be an environmentally conscientious bride as they also produce stunning wedding gowns, and don’t even get us started on the amount of sultry party dresses that could stop traffic. All the garments are produced in the USA, only sustainable fabrics are used, the brand is eco-friendly, and last but not least – they pay workers actual living wage, which is a huge deal. If the perfect mixture of trends and responsible shopping is what you’re after, ladies, Reformation is your go-to brand

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Of course, we’ve listed only a handful of brands, as there are tons more that deserve a shoutout for setting such a great example. We don’t have to ruin our planet and endanger people’s lives in order to be dressed well. So, sleep with a clear conscience and purchase ethical clothing. Once you’ve bought your first one, you’ll never look back.

By Claire Hastings