FASHION WE LOVE – Opificio V Milan

Honestly, we can’t get enough of this brand….

Gorgeous packaging aside Opificio V Milan’s Wonderful Blue 100% Linen Decolletè are arguably the most comfortable pumps we have worn in a minute – there is also something to be said about the denim-blue colour too, it is the richest. As part of the ‘Fashion We Love’ section (right hand column) Samata interviewed Paola Caracciolo, the founder of Opificio V Milan… this is what she had to say about the growing brand.


Why did you start your company?

The idea of creating a line of footwear, Opificio V Milan, was dictated – in the first place – to my needs: to have quality shoes with the unmistakable Italian style and totally cruelty free. The market has offered for many years a very limited number of brands, few models, often questionable quality at high prices.

Opificio V Milan

What is your company philosophy?

Opificio V Milan shoes are characterized by the pursuit of the ideal combination of tradition, high quality, and ethics.

We aim to create great shoes that can be worn by anyone (* veg, non-veg *) because they are stylistically beautiful, ethical, and can easily be mistaken for traditional high-end leather shoes. Being ethical is a complex and serious matter, it means not only being cruelty free but also sustainable from an environmental and human point of view. These three  aspects are linked together in an indissoluble way, so  if you don’t care about one of these issues you will find that all the others are just labels without value.

Tell us about sustainability at your brand?

Our decision to work exclusively with Italian artisans and advance our passion for a type of craftsmanship which is very often overlooked, is dictated by the desire to support an Italian sector currently in crisis due to many companies’ decisions to move production – or part of it – to markets where labor is cheaper.


The selection of materials is another focus point of our collections, for example, we use a vegan leather developed from BioPolyoils deriving from natural, renewable sources, cereals and vegetable seeds coming from NO FOOD agriculture  instead of the classic and polluting vegan leather made from petroleum.

We also decided to join Zero Impact Web project because whilst the Internet has already done a lot to reduce CO2 emissions ( it connects us to the world, saves us time, energy and resources) it also consumes energy – it is estimated that I.T is responsible for 2% of Europe’s CO2 emissions. Through the Zero Impact Web project emissions of the visits to our website will be offset by contributing to the creation and protection of growing forests in Costa Rica, a small action that can yield major results. If repeated by many Internet users it will not only do the environment good but also creates awareness.

What inspired your collection?

Our lines are clean, classical, but at the same time contemporary. Our shoes are designed to last, we move away from the ‘fast fashion’ not only from a production perspective, but also based on the styles we are trying to create. Our artisan has worked for years using antique methods, time hasn’t affected their rhythms as they techniques are timeless and without hurry, therefore every single object becomes a unique piece and in all its details reveals a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship and of great attention given to each step.

Opificio V Milan shoes retail between £140 to £315 and ship internationally.