Forest Chic

WEAR THE LOOK: Trousers  – People TreeTwins Diverse | Cuff – Bermondsey 167 | Jumper  – Ralph Lauren (Men) | Tassel Earrings – Emmeline (Rock N Rose) | Sunglasses (Not on sale yet, click link for information about Ulyana Sergeenko)| Shoes – Lucy Choi
These baggy fox stripe trousers from Twins Diverse are a marmite type-cut: not for everyone but I absolutely love them. A perfect alternative is the more classic-cut of these People Tree hand-woven Georgina trousers, with a matching tie belt and elasticated rear waistband for £89, they are equally as loved by me, and a more translatable cut for any body shape. Safia Minney’s company People Tree are the fair trade fashion pioneer of our industry (they implemented the first supply chain for organic cotton), if you are interested in knowing more about this brand, take a look here. The sunglasses aren’t available to buy yet but sign up to this site and we will alert you when they become available.

Forest Chic 2

The moss green Ralph Lauren (Men – I prefer the fit) jumper was the perfect accompaniment and I would rather spend £100 on a jumper that I wear over and over again that get five for that amount and they fall apart after a few wears. The jumper complimented my pair of leather-finished Bonas shoes by Lucy Choi (a suprising £215 – take a look at some of their more colourful styles here) that whisper enchanted forest with their dark floral print. Finding a dark floral that doesn’t look overly moody is challenging, but these are perfect! Talent clearly runs in the family as Lucy Choi, niece to Jimmy Choo shows and proves. Under £20 these dark green tassel earrings by Emmeline add a fun, playful twist to the outfit.

Why these brands? Well, Ralph Lauren has always been a brand synonymous with lasting quality for me, my RL jumpers have never fallen apart. I have an oversized Ralph Lauren jumper I wore in secondary school (in my Naughty By Nature hip hop phase) and it’s still in one piece, and in good condition at that. This green one was ‘borrowed’ from my husbands wardrobe, yes sometimes, when I want a baggy look I borrow his jeans and jumpers…not enough can be said from looking a little closer to home for a refreshed wardrobe. My point is that you don’t always have to go buy something new just for the sake of it, and when you do spend your money, make it a refined investment, something that will last.

These Emmeline earrings are designed by sisters and BFFs Jess and Emily Jane Lathan, the creative minds behind Rock N Rose. They started off with a MySpace page and are now an international style source offering jewellery, headwear and exclusive vintage pieces. I love their story. My bracelet was a one off piece from a Brazilian designer in Bermondsey 167 and was a dear investment as the center piece has a green faceted gem surrounded by Swarovski crystal set onto a bronzed lattice – it’s reminiscent of 1920s glamour at it’s finest.

Bermondsey 167 was my favourite haunt when I repped SE1 and worked from a shared office space on Bermondsey Street. Bermondsey 167 is a bit of a magical magnet for the freshest, funkiest and coolest independent brands – especially jewellery and homeware – I’ve ever seen. If you make it to Bermondsey Street hang your head in shame if you don’t pass through those glass doors; it’s right next to F**K Coffee…so it’s hard to miss. They sell a small selection of their brands sold online here. What do you think of this look? Let us know in the comments below and if you like this content, be sure to Sign Up for more of the same – thank you!