Happy New Year

Well goodbye 2015 and hello 2016 – the year of realisation, prosperity and anchoring.

New Year

A few years ago I wrote an end of year wishlist which became a self-fulfilling prophecy so I thought it would be wise to start 2016 with some words of intent. Thank you to everyone who visited this new website since its launch on 4th December 2015, we have had over 23,550 views in 20 days  and 123,000 page impressions! Aside from launching this shiny new platform, 2015 was a year of serious development – taking up hockey, a favourite game from my secondary school and sixth form days – and reconnecting with my university (Queen Mary and Westfield, recent interview here). We also covered some serious ground preparing SAMATA so please pay close attention to our official clothing label website and samata_official (instagram)  – we can’t wait to share the brand with you and embark on a journey with our #samatawomen. It’s been a long time coming and I have to thank Robbie Myers for her recent vote of encouragement.

In 2015 I decided to write my first fiction manuscript and so subsequently 2015 became the year of self-analysis and questioning – namely facing the recurring question, ‘Why am I doing this on top of everything else?!’ The answers were simple enough, namely that I didn’t really have a choice as a) this manuscript wrote itself and was rutting to get out and b) writing was therapeutic and full blown escapism. I remember checking into a hotel to write a few days after scalding water had been spilt on my right leg, causing an emotional trip to A&E and a scar that will be with me for life. Even then, writing the manuscript was a release. Trips to the Canary Islands, Greece, Morocco and the USA were highlights of an otherwise UK based year – I was also fortunate enough to work with  talented eco-artist Jason DeCaries Taylor and can’t wait to share that.

So whilst 2015 was not the year planned (when are they ever eh?), clarity and determination for 2016 has come out as the message for this side of a new year, alongside a deep cleanse along the way – inner and outer. I shed a few people this year and realise that I wouldn’t be ready for 2016 if I hadn’t, in any case I gained many more friends and have never felt safer and more content socially.

This December we hosted the first Christmas dinner for team Samata, the 7 of us (minus 3 team members overseas) had a hoot at my members club and are all on the same page about this new year. I have worked in such a solo fashion for such a long time that having a team of authentic people working together to create something meaningful is the most exciting piece of the pie for me, and as the vision grows teamwork will be the only way to get anything done. Finally, we have some exciting things planned for RCGD so please stay tuned. Suzy Amis Cameron continues to inspire. So there it is, all that remains is to wish you a happy new year! Here is to a new year of adventure, hard work and realisation of your wildest dreams – may the latter come true but first, may you also believe in their power.