Hardline Florals 

I am always being told I look young, like teen young, and I think that is one of the reasons I have always shied away from florals, they seem to feed in that naive girl look when I have actually wanted to look and feel more mature. Actually, there is a way to wear florals (if you ask me) that can also be edgy, seasoned and not make you look like a ring bearer.

WEAR THE LOOK: Dress – TopshopASOS AFRICA x Chichia | Belt – Mauri Grifoni | Shoes – Beyond Skin

If, season in, season out, you are one foot in and one foot out on the trend (like I often am) I hope this post helps; you see one way I try to edge the botanical look up a little is by wearing mysterious, slightly moody or dark prints, and often with heavy accessories. As summer descends (I promise) we all know the words ‘blossom’ and ‘bud’ are going to come up in the same way we know that by the time Pimms O’Clock hits, florals will be part of our wardrobe staple. To advance my mission to bring the hardline floral look to the mainstream (evil cackle) I find myself looking for unexpected fabrics or colourways, like PU, or shadowy tulle, alongside intricate details to pacificy the decorative-ness and make it feel less…flimsy. For this reason I love the 3D heavy edge on Topshop’s cutout PU Floral Applique Shift Dress and the geo floral print in this ASOS AFRICA x Chichia Mini Skater Dress. The latter is made in Africa as part of a collaboration with Chichia and their partner SOKO Kenya; the beautiful textured woven fabric with its earthy mustard tones (not too verdant) is anything but vulnerable.

This cut-out belt by Mauro Grifoni  adds weight, edge and substantiates the look – I also find the Mauro Grifoni brand fascinating. Three friends – Mauro Grifoni, Ilaria Sesso, and Andrea Breda – obssessed with classical perfection, quality materials and artisanal handicraft working together to create contemporary fashion. Nothing I own from this brand is every going to break, I can just feel it! It’s incredible and their website is so fresh. To finish the look, Beyond Skin’s Peep Toe shoes are not only design-led and comfy, they are also handmade in Spain and PETA approved vegan (for those who dig that).

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