How do I change?

I have had a few messages from people who are keen to change their wardrobe and make it more sustainable. How do we do it…that’s the question. ⁣⁣

Here is the thing, it will involve you slowing down the rate you are shopping at, and reevaluating why always having new clothes means so much to you. There is a huge psychological element to shifting towards sustainable fashion and often, that takes a tipping point. A moment when you realise, you want to do things differently. But it will take you, the consumer, in dialogue with yourself. Not just with the fashion brands churning it out en mass. ⁣⁣
Are you ready for that personal shift? For me, that moment was losing my entire wardrobe in a fire and having to start all over again.⁣⁣
Truly, realising that there is a battle for your mind and the power you have to actually step back and evaluate what you buy and why, is one of the most liberating experiences you can have. It’s slow fashion season, and as consumers we are asked to make better fashion choices – such as opting out of impulse fast fashion buys, choosing second-hand and vintage, wearing what we already own, becoming a little more creative by upcycling or customising and importantly supporting sustainable, local and independent fashion labels (particularly hard hit due to COVID-19). ⁣⁣

Take a break from the relentless and expensive pressure of wearing new.

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