If they could see me now!

Ah, right now I think most of my friends think I am living it up somewhere glamorous, but nope – I am at home, preparing for one of the busiest Septembers in a while – we have our Red Carpet Green Dress winner coming over for a month-long internship at Vivienne Westwood in addition I am working on a long seven piece article and digging in with the researching. Days like this I wish people could see the hard miles that go into what we do because it’s not pretty – I am tired and anxious to see the month end. Of course I am looking forward to it all, and know it will be an amazing month to meet people, be inspired and all that good stuff, but I am definitely filled with a nervous energy too. So then again, maybe I am lucky people can’t see me as I am holed up at home working like a beaver…

This is more like my current situation…..

  1. Drink water
  2. Face mask
  3. Eat healthy food
  4. Do some squats
  5. Try to rest
  6. Working hard as standard between each of the above steps
  7. Whilst all the time wishing I was back here..

Samata x