Independent East London Fashion Part 2

With this look I wanted to zoom in on the two pieces of gold jewellery – the cuff and necklace. The cuff was gifted, made by Laura Elizabeth. The pieces in Laura Elizabeth’s jewellery collections represent personal stories and the lives of incredible people she calls friends. In this case, named after Laura’s friend ‘Courtenay’, my cuff is a cast of a dusty miller leaf. Made from 100% recycled brass and gold (or silver) plated, it’s completely movable so can be moulded to your wrist. Even though parts look thin, it is strong and tough. Coupled with the outfit, I wore my ‘Classic diamond medallion necklace’. AWE jewellery is anchored by the AWE medallion— its four teardrops represent the blood, sweat and tears (of sorrow and joy) that define each survivor’s journey. Wearing AWE signals to the world that you’re stronger because of your experience, and connects you to a larger community while giving back to your fellow survivors. Giving AWE says, “I’m in AWE of you and what you’ve overcome.”

Photo credit: Brandon Hickman

My ‘I Want Your Love’ jumpsuit (currently available only in red) is from independent fashion brand, The Lazy Ones. Created in 2001 by the creative duo Nat and Diego, The Lazy Ones started as a band to later give name to the label and in 2004 to the store located in Shoreditch. TLO is sourced and manufactured in London and its on-going collections have secured them contracts with some of the biggest international retail companies such as Topshop, PixieMarket or Itochu in Japan. Beyonce, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Keira Knightley or Felicity Jones are among some of the names that have shopped for The Lazy Ones designs.

My aluminium heeled shoes are from Bettina Vermillion, I loved joining a panel discussion with the brand founder earlier this year, and learning more about her philosophy. Looking for innovation and a passionate for a technical challenge, founder Lorraine decided to create her signature by designing a strikingly recognisable heel. She continues to explore various technique’s, and in particular the one of milling and cutting aluminium surfaces. Over the last four years she has developed a unique concept to make her heels. This has now become the DNA of her brand – true, creative innovation. The shoes are incredibly comfortable and with the strongest heel I have ever tested, they never give you a moment to question whether they will hold up!

Jumpsuit – The Lazy Ones |  Cuff – Laura Elizabeth | Necklace – Awe Inspired | Shoes – Bettina Vermillion (an investment at 595€)