Infinite Possibilities

Happy Sunday friends,

I wanted to share a post of encouragement to my readers…to do less, not more.

(C) Paul Farnham for ARISE Magazine

I had a really important meeting on Friday which sent me of into a bit of a spin ahead of the weekend. That ocurrence, alongside a conversation with my younger sister really started me thinking about how much this world keeps presenting us with infinities possibilities mixed in with a great deal of noise. On social media platforms we are all philosophers, preachers, sellers, traders, friends, supporters and voyeurs (I am all of those things on there too, so I am not acting worthy). We are living in a world where every day, alongside the obvious challenges we face, we are also given – or create – infinite opportunities for work or play and chances to grow as people, businesses or brands. Let’s not also forget the constant messages about who we should be (everything from ‘You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce’ across to ‘Stay on your hustle’ – again, things I also share). All the noise and directives can really make you feel like you can’t ever stop, or worse still, that you are simply not allowed to – even on a Sunday! Something I am guilty of. I am a self-confessed workaholic and more than often there is nothing I like more than a day of work and a clean table to work from. There is nothing wrong with infinite possibilities, let’s be honest, it’s encouraging to think that anything is possible. There is also nothing wrong with doing nothing sometimes too though! Sometimes I feel guilty for doing nothing but it’s perfectly fine – in fact it is healthy and when you start up again after a period of loafing, you have more energy and a clearer mind.

I read an article that encouraged its readers to learn the art of bumbling, a nice word that means ‘wandering around without purpose’,  the same piece also suggested that we make the effort to slow down our walking pace – a simple but effective way to appreciate more of the simple things in life, at a more considered pace. So every Sunday, before a busy week ensues, I am going to try a little bit of bumbling, and I strongly suggest that you should too. Take a look at this website for The Idler, a company devoted to helping people to lead more fulfilled lives, and read the article responsible for slowing me down here.

Happy Sunday,

Samata x