Lagom Collective

A huge thanks to The Lagom Concept for giving me the space to talk about THE TRIBE Empowerment Journal on Thursday. It was absolutely lovely to see what Madeleine and Alessandra are trying to build. One of the elements of sustainable fashion that most appeals to me is the independent fashion brands – small, emerging brands creating wearable fashion, brands you need to seek out off-the-beaten path. The pro? You know that the fashion you buy has a story you can discover much more easily, and you get to know more about the people behind the brand…they are just so more accessible.

The pop-up store will last for a few more days before Christmas so people can discover ethical brands like, YGN – a collective whose beautiful ethically handmade good are created by women supported by social enterprise in Myanmar, across to high-end JPL, an ‘Eco-Luxe for the Modern Woman’. I am a fan of pop-ups for many reasons…it gives brands the change to tell their story using innovative methods, and transforms an average shopping trip to much more of an event where you can interact with brands and ask questions…like Who Made My Clothes?

At The Lagom Concept, emerging and sustainable designers have been given a platform to showcase and sell their brands, allowing access to some beautiful pieces. If you are around East London this weekend pop in – there is a spa situation happening which you won’t want to miss. On a side note, it was great to start lactating halfway through the event – NOT! Real mama issues

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