Be Vulnerable

Sometime you need to be vulnerable. This week I was booked to fly from Los Angeles to New York and THEN to London, but I had an experience in Los Angeles, which made me fly home early. I will be back again soon and can not wait to catch up with my friends in New York but coming home and starting a process of being vulnerable was actually more important than any meetings I was due to take or friends I was due to see. Because now, on the other side of it, I am actually better equipped for them. In fact, the ‘me’ I will bring to those face to face meetings will be even more effervescent, brighter and even more assured…everything will simply be more.

I’ve been working in fashion for a few years now and I really enjoy it, I mean thoroughly love it  – that much must be obvious by now right?- but it can be an isolating industry when you travel with work so often, as you don’t get as much quality time with people as you might like. Boy am I working on the art of making short time with people as potent as I can, but I have not reached the expert level with that sometimes, things slip through the next. My last catch up with a friend in Los Angeles (the trip I have just returned home from) I fell asleep in as I was juggling jet lag, and it felt awful that I rarely see her and when I did I could barely keep my eyes open!

However, back to the main point of this post, recently I just started to feel so isolated in London as my work takes me away so often, but I also realized that a situation where I was around some really negative people for a few years recently had taken a toll on my desire to connect with people and had actually started to take away my incentive to make an effort to catch up with friends. I know this might seem shocking because I do manage to get out a fair bit, but I was not on full tank and I knew it. I wallowed in it for a little while, but now I have taken the steps to do something about that… Yesterday I started to send around emails for something amazing I am launching in July, and even hitting send felt like I was growing and healing.

So this post is really about being vulnerable and sharing your pain so that others can not only share theirs, but also so that you can grow and soak up more of the good stuff life has to offer. Here is to growing, sharing and being. Stay tuned for the 28th July.