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I had first baby this July and anyone who follows my work knows that over the years eco-design has become more and more important to me. As a little background, my experience is in the field of sustainability and environmentalism. I have worked in the area for so long that, where possible, I became interested in putting my baby in eco items as much as possible as the benefits were so outstanding – for the little one, new mums and the environment.

Of course, on a personal level as a new mum,  the usual concerns surrounded my search. I wanted to find maternity products to help prevent stretch marks, reduce swelling, and help my body retain its shape after pregnancy (no biggie!) but finding baby products which were specifically suitable for the most delicate and sensitive skin was at the top of my list too. Balancing baby costs goes without saying as affordability is at the front of mind for many new mums too. One of the brands I discovered on this journey was Mommy Care, and quickly fell in love with their Organic Calendula Diaper Cream, Soothing GelLanolin Breastfeeding Ointment and Natural Bottle & Pacifier Detergent (amongst other items). From baby wipes made from 100% natural fabric, without synthetic fibers, to facial creams made with all natural ingredients and rich with Jojoba, Shea Butter, and Calendula, there is a market for it all – you just have to do your research.

I had so many skin reactions during my pregnancy that ingredients have become the most important thing to me, beyond design or even portioning, for me this meant I would rather pay little more for a small pot of goodness. Luckily with Mommy Care, I didn’t have to make that compromise. It can be a scary and intimidating time, navigating with a baby and wanting to do what is best for him/her. What I honestly loved about this brand is that they specialises in the development and production of skin care products for expecting mothers, babies and children and makes a point of developing natural and safe products for use during the time when skin is most sensitive.

So, I had a little conversation with them about their ethos, approach and products. Enjoy!


I’m Ariel de-Vries, working at Mommy-Care for few months, and I’m working on Amazon store in the USA and looking for Marketing channels there. Mommy Care product is very high quality, so I believe that customers who experience our products will become repeat customers.

Mommy Care is a family business that was established in 2004. Today Mommy Care is one of the most respected skin care brands. We specialize in the development and manufacture of skin care products for expecting moms, babies, and children and make a point of developing natural and safe products for use during the time when skin is most sensitive.

Only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients go into our products, and our production methods (including cold press) ensure that the ingredients maintain their optimum benefits. We guarantee to meet or exceed the highest industry standards in the production of natural and organic skincare.

The safety of you and your children is our primary concern at Mommy Care, so at a time when it really matters you can feel safe and taken care of while using our products. We never use parabens, petroleum based ingredients, phthalates, SLS, or any other ingredients whose safety is in doubt, and it is our mission to keep developing high quality, safe skin care products that support moms who are looking to make healthy lifestyle choices for themselves and their children.


Our concern for the environment is especially evident in the selection of our ingredients and eco-friendly packages. Our active ingredients originate in plants, and whenever possible, they are derived from organic agriculture. Our packages are made from recyclable materials, and we limit the use of unnecessary packaging materials.

Our raw materials are made from natural plants, all packaging is recyclable, use a recyclable laminator for our wipes and the products have not been tested on animals


Most of the population does not know the importance of using natural products and how to distinguish which substances are unhealthy and therefore 90% of consumers use non-natural products. The biggest challenge is to instill in customers the importance of using natural products and increasing awareness. The use of natural materials creates higher costs and therefore it is difficult to compete with prices that customers pay for non-natural products that contain chemicals.

Find out more about Mommy Care here.

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