Missi Pyle wears Red Carpet Green Dress gown to Oscars

Actress Missi Pyle had two wins at the Oscars last night: an Academy Award for Best Picture winner, ‘The Artist’, and her stunning gown, which was made entirely of sustainable materials as part of the Red Carpet Green Dress contest.

“It was such an honor to wear this dress – to be on a carpet that’s all about glamour, and have that glamour be sustainable,” said Missi Pyle. “To have so many people watching, and encourage them to question the purchases they make, feels relevant. Being on the carpet in this gorgeous gown, and making a statement, made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”

“To see everything come together after months of hard work was indescribable,”said Red Carpet Green Dress Global Campaign Director Samata. “We have shown that sustainable fashion can be beautiful, and carry a mass appeal, I am thrilled about all the future holds for Red Carpet Green Dress.”

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