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Happy Sunday folks,

I wanted to share a post about something I will be giving you more of…silliness. I recently shared this video on instagram and it has been my most popular video to date, already reaching over 1,300 views in just 2 days.

Our third blog post in association with @BloomsburyPublishing is up and it is about the company you keep and surrounding yourself with positive people who you can be yourself with (however silly that is). That’s why I am sharing this home video – if you can be yourself (in the case of this clip that means me being a bit of a joker – ‘teaching’ @jono_pattinson the bogle and the c-walk) then you have found your tribe, that’s for sure. Take a look at our link in the bio and it will take you to today’s post which is called, ‘Emotional Wellbeing of the Creative Soul: Keep It Positive’. Link in bio and also on the profile for @FDRBook. @ceylangomez this one is for you! _______________________________________________________ #FDRBook #GFW25 #FashionIntern#GraduateFashionWeek #Bloomsbury#BloomsburyAuthor #FashionTips#FashionEntrepreneur #GuideBook #FashionDesigner#FashionStudent #Gratitude #SoulFood #Bogle #CripWalk #KeepItGangsta #HowToGuide #BeSilly @bloomsburypublishing

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The day after, a friend sent me the following email (this is an extract):

Your insta video which i just finally watched Is EVERYTHINg!!!! You should let the world see your silly self more! It is so cute and adorable and funny! I really loved it! :)))))
I responded along the lines of ‘Do you think so? I am definitely working on making my captions more more me blah blah blah’, to which she responded:

Oh totally!!! The videos make you more .. How do I say, closer to the audience? They can feel like they know you more?! And normally when you post its serious business and focused etc .. This video side of you is amazing!!!! I love it. It’s also a side of you I don’t even know and we’ve been talking for years, you know? I love love love it. Makes me want to come and hug you!! 

I will be honest, I was floored. I didn’t expect such a warm response and it actually felt better than some of my other incredible images I have shared. What I took away from this? Well, that I am so focused and dedicated to my work and sharing it with you guys, AND that my focus comes across which is great, but that I don’t always show my followers the  side of me that my loved ones see, and I should! I am serious about what I do, but that doesn’t mean I am a serious person. And whilst you are clearly interested in what I am wearing or my projects, from my book to my label, you are also interested in me as a person which is a lovely feeling.
If you have your guard up or don’t let people see that silly, goofy side of you too, I strongly urge you to reconsider. The other day I received the woven labels for my clothing label and I literally danced, hard, around my table, alone. It felt silly and it felt great. I really now believe that being silly, in a world where everything around us can be anything from distracting and noisy to downright depressing, is crucial. To connect with people, to let our guards down and to have a moment when we aren’t staring at our to-do-lists and holding our heads, by being goofy and silly is a refreshing way to look at staying positive.
Now apparently, there is more lasting significance to moments spent goofing around than you would at first assume; for example, according to Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play in Carmel Valley, CA – and I reference – “The impulse to play comes out of our brain stem and limbic system and crafts the brains of all social mammals,” he says. “It makes us flexible under stress [and] is key to our ability to adapt as a species.” Playing around boosts the immune system, reduces blood pressure and makes people more resilient – think about it, if you can access that playful side of your personality with greater ease, you are more likely to not let stressful situations rattle you – so here is to making light of life’s bumps and trips when we can.
In the words of Mark Twain, “The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.” What do you think? Comment below.

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