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Do you ever have a moment when you remember that knowing who you are and where you come from is a crucial part of figuring out who you are doing to be? And where you are heading?

Welcome to the genesis collection of Adinkra Ripples, an NFT project by Samata, connecting the dots between culture, sustainability and a sense of belonging to the community. Through our project, we examine the waves of culture, empowerment and sustainability​ with a focus on helping everyone remember what makes them unique and give them the tools to hold onto that special thread, come what may.


How often do we realise that remembering who we are and where we come from is a crucial part of figuring out who we are to be and where we are heading?

Our project is called Adinkra Ripples, which represents the ripples of culture. We believe that a small act can create a wave of change. They represent that everyone can have an impact by starting at a simple, small place. Even if that means just starting by remembering who you are and a small way that you can change the lives of the people around you.


Meet Ewuraka, a young Ghanaian woman on a journey of self-discovery to find and understand the cultural meaning in the world around her, and to leave every place that she is in, better for people and the planet. As she returns to her homeland of Ghana, through a series of aphorisms in the form of Adinkra symbols, our community will be taken on a physical and internal journey, to be reminded along the way of all the ways that the world around us can point us in the right direction. Each Adinkra holds an aphorism, a concise, terse, laconic, or memorable expression of a general truth or principle. They are often handed down by tradition from generation to generation.

As we build our community through story-telling, community activities and enriching experiences, we will be entertained, comforted and inspired as Ewuraka returns to her homeland of Ghana. Using traditional Adinkra symbols as her guiding light and a navigational tool to learn about herself, Ewuraka’s family, roots and culture will help us see how the little things make up a truly sustainable future.

When it comes to the topic of sustainability – of the support and respect of global communities and the planet – we believe that creativity has always been a master solution holder. Through clothing and the culture it conveys, we can journey with Ewuraka as she explores her culture, self-expression and place in a globally culturally rich world where identity and belonging can help you find your home in the ecosystem. Clothing is a way to demonstrate her journey as a practice which connects us all.

Ewuraka’s clothing shows her evolution and understanding of the culture she grew up around. Beyond providing dignity, warmth, and protection, clothing is a way to express identity and communicate who we are. As we develop and learn, so do our outer ways. The Adinkra series focuses on the importance of identity, culture and Ewuraka’s inherent connection to all those who came before her and what will come after her. There is hidden meaning behind this series and clues for the next chapter of Ewuraka’s journey which each NFT from the Genesis collection.



We will be building a globally diverse, impact-driven community around Ewurakua as our leading character, with a focus on spotlighting global cultural sustainability and the notion of belonging. That is our heartbeat.

We believe that so much of this world is geared towards making people feel like they can only truly belong if they erase who they are, where they come from and what they stand for. We believe that your past, your ancestors, your culture, and those expressions of being at home with people and the planet, all make you who are you. Adinkra Ripples brings home the notion that every individual on this planet has always belonged in this rich cultural, sustainability realm of life. Each of us has something of value to give to people, and to the planet.

This means that every single one of you is deeply welcome to join us as we build an equitable community, one that respects all perspectives and voices. We are passionate about operating under a shared goal, giving each member a say in making decisions which enrich the community, and are focused on spotlighting and supporting culture – who we are and what makes us unique – and sustainability – doing things that make the planet and people better for it – around the world. With all of our projects, we seek to put unique people at the centre and help anyone who has forgotten what makes them so special, get back on their feet on their journey to find themselves once again.

Adinkra Ripples and our Genesis NFT collection will be directing funds towards initiatives and projects that spotlight global cultural sustainability and the preservation of culture.


Our journey into the world of NFTs is a soft and humble one, starting with this Genesis collection of NFTS and story chapters. We have more to come and are excited to share this first series featuring Samata’s original work. We just want you to know, that you belong here!


We are building our small community here: Discord | Adinkra Ripples – Twitter | Samata – Twitter | Instagram