Now is the time


BREXIT and the EU Referendum have both sparked some global, local and very personal conversations all around me. I have started to think (even more) about how we spend so much time planning for tomorrow when in the blink of an eye, our tomorrow can be changed forever. These musings have me asking the direct question, if not now, then when? Yesterday? Well, that was Zen, this is Meow.

(T-Shirt – Sub Urban Riot | Skirt – Stoke Newington Mind Charity Shop | Photo credit – James Blite)

We are facing times of great uncertainty, but also of opportunity. I believe that we the people are becoming more and more aware that we must build the spaces and create the experiences we want with sincere intention, or we will never truly possess them. We need to come together, life is not about every person for themselves and never should be. It’s also about acting now, not lamenting over our tomorrow. For me, acting now is almost about basic survival, hope is part of our hierarchy of needs and your hope for tomorrow can also become your hope and realisation of the right now. If there is anything you are putting off for another day, I urge you, if you can do it today, do it today.

I remember something that happened when I was working on my first book (I am currently working on my second, hoorah); my agent and I received the first round of reviews back on my first edit, all a very new process to me at the time – 13 academics reviewed it from leading fashion colleges around the world and 12 gave it glowing feedback – everything from ‘must-have book – can’t wait for it to be published‘ to ‘unique idea, brilliantly executed‘. There was however one rotten review (pretty remarkable when you think about those stats), this one anonymous person was convinced that I should not be published by Bloomsbury because I was ‘far too young’, and as a result my voice would carry no authority. I was so curious to find out who felt this way, but the name was not divulged, I only knew that she a 36 year old lecturer who took issue with my age and made the fatal error of seeing my youth as inexperience, and I won’ t lie, this feedback really irked me for a few days and made me think, momentarily, that maybe I should wait until I was a little older. Thank God that cloud passed, because not only did I have skin in the game, my youth was actually an advantage when it came to having a conversation with the emerging designers my book was written for. As is typical with human nature, we can sometimes focus on the one negative in a sea of positives can’t we? Still, I chose not to let that one bad review stop me from pursuing something I badly wanted. Instead, with all the positive ones in mind, I wrote a little each day for the second edit until somehow the book was finished (and went on to become recommended read by InStyle and ELLE, and popular in fashion colleges from the London College of Fashion to Fashion Institute of Technology in New York). I had realised then, as I have realised many time since then, that as long as you are not hurting anyone, there is everything to play for. So enough talking, time for some action. Why now? Well, for one, now is the only time we know is guaranteed. Set your intention and keep it set.

Love and all good things,

Samata x