Opificio V Milan’s vegan shoes are still a favourite…

Opificio V Milan design the coolest vegan shoes and slippers I have seen yet (whilst I do wear old leather – I haven’t bought any new leather for years), I love that the brands does not use leather, fur, silk, wool, shell, or pearls. They are committed to being a vegan brand.

Established in 2013 by a group of talented Italian artisans, Opificio V Milano is a footwear brand founded in a small Italian city between Milan and Lake Como. The artisans handcraft each shoe, using antique methods that are centuries old. The stunning result is a collection of fashion forward shoes made classic Italian craftsmanship. Opificio V Milano is  known as a ‘Totally Cruelty Free Brand’, in that no product contains skin, leather or derivatives, including glues with animal original. Instead, the company uses a vegan leather developed from BioPolyoils deriving from natural renewable sources rather than vegan leather made from petroleum – the materials are absolutely lush and the shoes are produced in Italy. Opificio V collections are the result of this heritage so they are shoes which are destined to last over the years and to accompany the wearer every day so quality is king!


You can browse a nice, affordable selection here (with some styles currently on sale the price ranges from €60 up to €200. I actually interviewed the gorgeous brand founder Paola a few years ago, take a look here.