Organic pregnancy style with Boob!

So, even though my first trimester was pretty immobile and horrendous, I knew that as soon as I felt better I wanted to be able to work out and get into shape again. Fitness was at the top of my agenda for the new year before I even found out. Having spent 3 months in bed more or less feeling all the stages from sickness to hot flushes to fatigue resuming some form of exercise became near essential to me. On the hunt for sustainable but comfortable work-out gear and generally laid-back maternity every day wear I came across Boob! The brand caters to new mums and mums-to-be with fitness with ready to wear, day to night pieces which feel so incredible, smooth, silky and beyond comfortable. I literally forgot I was even wearing their trousers, that’s how much of a second skin they became. On more than one occasion I have had to pull myself off the bed just to remove them and change into nightwear after a tiring day. I can’t say enough about the quality of these pieces and the level of fit and comfort.

What should you expect? Organic cotton maternity clothes which are fairtrade, sustainable and eco-friendly – ranging from everyday clothes across to office and even including swimwear, ‘Boob’ has it all for minimal, easy maternity style. Think design-led comfort and unquestionable style for you before, during or after you have had your baby.

Sustainable maternity wear was an area of fascination for me as soon as I discovered my life was about to change and have a baby. With Red Carpet Green Dress we always say, ‘We wear clothes every single day, and the way clothes are being made affects our biosphere and the life of the people making them’, so I really want to continue my philosophy with what I wear whilst expecting. Take a look at my interview with Stockholm-based founder and Creative Director of Book, Mia Siepel and discover more about the incredible things this brand is up to in the field of sustainability. Siepel’s husband Joel, is the Founder and Editor in chief at Icon magazine, and she has two daughters Stella 14 and Molly 12 and a cat called Onion!

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your brand

I’m trained as an art director and originally from the advertising business. When I was turning 30 I took a break and went backpacking. This opened up for new ideas and well back home I went out to have a coffee with my sister Lotta that had just had her second child. We were sitting outside and Lotta was breastfeeding with her belly bare to the Northern wind. Then and there the idea and solution for Boob nursing wear was born. It started off as a small collection of patented styles with easy access for breastfeeding. Today Boob offers a complete wardrobe of clothes and underwear, all made with double functionality for pregnancy and nursing and produced with care for both people and the planet.

Tell us about the vision for your brand?

Our aim at Boob is to offer more than clothes. We like to make sustainable solutions that make moms feel bold and beautiful. Smart styles that empowers and make their everyday life easier. Growing a baby in your belly, breastfeeding and being a mom is a serious mission and to us all moms are superheroes and they deserve the proper gear to go with that role.

How do you approach sustainability/transparency within your brand?

Sustainability is in our core and something that is important for everyone working at Boob. When it comes to our design and production we are working according to strict criteria and every new product we bring in to the Boob collection has to:
Serve a purpose
Be made in a long lasting design and quality
Be made of sustainable materials
Be certified according to OEKO-TEX® 100 or GOTS to guarantee that the garment is tested for harmful chemicals
Be responsible produced

Having stuck to our standards has made us move forward. 2017 97% of our entire production was made of sustainable materials. 100% of the collection is certified according to OEKO-TEX® 100 or GOTS. Our production takes place in Portugal, Turkey, Italy and Greece. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with producers that share our basic values about human rights and caring for the environment.

Speaking of thrones (part 2). Right now, I’m all about @BoobDesign maternity wear. The idea behind Boob was born on a cold, windy day in the autumn of 1999. Mia Seipel, founder of Boob, watched her sister nurse her newborn son in a park in Stockholm, waist bare to the icy northern wind. Then and there, she decided that it should be every woman’s right to nurse in comfort and in style. This minimal and fly dress has a super discreet slit in for feeding and I’m already wearing it before the baby is even here. I’ve got work out gear too and more. Check them out – their range features wearable certified organic pieces and it’s incredibly comfortable! _______________________________________________________ #InSamatasOwn #WhatIWore #InstaFashion #Fashion #WIWT #EthicalStyle #StyleDiary #AirDress

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What more do you think customers are looking for these days beyond good design? Or do you think that design is really all that matters?

I think customers will buy less and place higher demand on well thought through design that stand the test of time and that can be re-used and re-cycled.

How do you ensure quality with your brand?

We have a quality routine that secures tests and quality control all the way from fibres to ready-made garment. We also have big ears to customers as their feedback is crucial for our constant strive to improve our products.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when trying to grow your brand?

This is a tricky question for me as I usually don’t look back and see challenges more as possibilities or earned wisdom. Off course there has been bumps, hills and mountains along the way that has required more energy and thoughts but at the end of the day I still, after 18 years, love to go to work and I am super proud over the company and my dedicated co-workers and challenges is a big part of what drives us forward.

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