Organically fresh with Grow Fragrances

It is often said that that the best way to start a company is by creating something you need and can’t find on the market. So many sustainable products have pursued that path when starting out, as a growing number of people choose to live more consciously. In the case of Grow Fragrance, the need was simple: an air freshener that wasn’t liable to fill people’s homes with harmful and over-processed chemicals. 

When Grow Fragrance came to fruition, there was already an interesting variety of conscious options for food, beauty, and even cleaning. Yet the realm of air fresheners wasn’t conquered, with only over-processed and clearly fake smells available; just the kind that poses risks for everyone inside the household, particularly children. On the same note, the people behind Grow noticed that many other brands called themselves green yet when reviewing the ingredients, it turned out they included petroleum-based chemicals. And then essential oils weren’t quite doing the trick either, as they found them expensive and the scents too simplistic.

From this need, Grow was born, and it was almost two years until the creators found a formula that worked as the kind of product they sought. The idea was to transform the scents of their favourite candles into air fresheners, and trying out the products inside their homes and with friends and family is what helped them evolve. Now, they offer five delicious fragrances that smell as promised: Lavender Blossom, Bamboo, Black Currant Rose, Citrus Cedar, and Pine Forest. I’ve been in direct contact with their products and love every scent I’ve tried, particularly how natural they all feel.

At Grow, they vow to be fully transparent in their process and the ingredients they use, an essential way forward. The scent of a house can create an ambiance that makes it feel like home, which is not a process to be taken lightly. For the growing number of us who need to know what we’re putting in our everyday lives, brands who go out of their way to be transparent always get extra points. In the case of Grow, they’re committed to being entirely plant-based and toxin-free, skipping the use of phthalates, parabens, petroleum, and synthetic petrochemicals. To be completely sure of their processes, they also avoid working with essential oils and products that aren’t harvested sustainably.

By the time the Grow scents were a palpable reality, the team had come to realise they wanted to build a conscious company from the ground up. Using organic materials was a top priority, of course, but Grow is the kind of company that understands that sustainability is about much more than that. Fair wages and healthcare for all workers are just as important when talking about a sustainable future. On that note, Grow also has a policy of only partnering with companies that directly hire their employees, instead of using cheaper temps receiving little to no benefits.

Populating a home with consciously made products is easier now than it ever has been, from beautiful furniture to scent. I’m very excited about seeing Grow at the forefront of America’s organic air fresheners! Find out more about the brand here.


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