Pursuing Your Passion While Raising a Family

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It’s 2018, and it’s high time we shake things up. Women are shamed every day, for almost everything. If you’re a mom and you’re not working, you’re judged for not working. If you are a working mom, frowns are thrown around for you not being just a mom. It’s time we put a stop to all of that. Yes, women are superheroes, and we can do multiple things at once. So, if you’re a mom with a dream, a passion that’s been hiding in your heart for a long time and you’ve been reluctant to pursue it, it’s time to put your imaginary superhero cape on, and go for it. Yes, there may be challenges along the way, but you’ll work out the kinks as you go. Here are some simple tips to help you navigate those tricky first steps. 

Take a seat at the drawing board

Ok, the first thing you need to do is figure out what you want to do. Do you have a passion for fashion? Are you drawn to the idea of sustainable fashion and lifestyle? Are you an amazing cook? Perhaps you want to share your parenting advice? Hey, you might even have a way with words and want to write short stories or a novel. Is your passion in the creative sphere or elsewhere? Whatever it might be, you will need to figure out what it is before anything else. That is the first step – pinpointing exactly what it is you want to do.

Gather the knowledge

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You may already possess a certain amount of knowledge and skill, but if you want your dream to be exactly as you envisioned it, you will need to learn, and keep up with, the best way to present your passion. If, for instance, you want to be a fashion, mom, cooking or beauty blogger, aside from your way with words and a know-how on certain topics, you will need some additional training and help. Take baby-steps. You may want to source photographers you can work with remotely and try simple web design platforms such as Canva, or take some online courses (with a flexible completion date) to make it perfect, as time is so precious. Make sure to use all the prerequisites you need to make your blog as shiny and professional as possible, because in many cases, this platform is the first contact point for anyone reaching out to you/for your services.

Follow in the footsteps of those who did it

Even when you have covered your basics, but you are still a mom, which means you need to magically turn 24 hours into 48 if you want to make your dream happen. It’s not impossible, but it is hard. There are countless mom bloggers and influencers who are killing it in both of their jobs – and they aren’t pretending that is it easy. Shana Draugelis, the face behind The Mom Edit, a fashion & lifestyle blog, Ashley, the founder of AMOTHERSEDIT, a Mom in Red High Heels – these are just some of the ladies killing it as both moms and amazing bloggers (obviously our content lens is biased!). There are tons of fashion bloggers who are moms, including Samata , and as easy and chic as they make it sound, it takes a lot of work, a great deal of organization and an incredible support system. Contact them for advice, some of them will answer and give you great insight, and perhaps you’ll even manage to do some networking as well.

Carving out the time

There will be times when your partner will step in and give you the much needed time to do what is needed to get a little more involved in that dream occupation – to take the courses, do your writing, work on your photos, build up your visibility or set up shop. You may need to put on that superhero cape more often, get up earlier than everyone else and get things done while there is still some peace and quiet in the house. Of course, when everyone in your support system is busy – it’s understandable that people have lives and obligations of their own, there are other solutions. There is always an incredible educational playgroup you can sign your kids(s) up for. Research the nearby playgroups, for example, in UK and USA. Finding the time for your child is the upmost importance, and you can feel ridden with guilt if you feel the work life balance is tipped more in the work direction! For quality, fun activities with your child take a look at some smart apps that will help your child have an amazing and educational time. It’s great for them and you will feel so much better knowing you have made the time for their development whilst pursuing your passion…so it’s a double win.  

Don’t expect miracles

It took the bloggers, influencers, business owners and entrepreneurs you might admire years to succeed, so do not get discouraged if you’re not an instant hit. If you are knowledgeable, skillful, provide quality content or a product, success – however you define it – will come. You just need to be patient, remain as passionate about it as at the very beginning and your goals will happen, sooner or later (keep in mind that they might change as you progress along your journey). You just keep being diligent, do your work, keep your head above the water and everything will fall into place. If it has happened to tons of moms, it will happen to you, too. You just can’t get discouraged fast. It’s like the field of dreams – if you build it, it will come.

Remember the most important thing

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When you’re making your weekly or daily schedule, make sure to incorporate quality family time. After all, your partner and your baby / kid(s) are your biggest cheerleaders, so give even more love than you receive. That is the best way to make sure you remain content with whatever does or does not happen as planned. Spending time with those you love will recharge your batteries and give you the strength to keep going, even though you will be sleep deprived and out of sorts in the beginning.

However, as big as your professional passion is, your love for your kids is even bigger, so never sacrifice the time with them. Sacrifice lunch or coffee with girlfriends if you must, but never let your family suffer your lack of presence. You’ve got this, you just have to get started.

By Claire Hastings

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