Samata’s Style is now Samata’s Own

When was the last time you got excited about discovering brands?

We get excited about discovering restaurants, to consume food that sits in our stomach, yet how many of us research the brands that sit on our skin? Here are SamataHome, I’ve noticed that whenever I share images of an outfit, I get asked questions about what I’m wearing. Inspired by these questions, my team and I have been pulling together styleboards to make it easier for you to discover and learn more about my favourite brands.

From now on I’ll be sharing these boards  under the tag #SamatasOwn, I hope that they will encourage you to try new and unique brands, inspire you to find a brand that you love (including Samata Official when it becomes available) and show you interesting new ways to style your outfits. Our first Samata’s Own board features Ralph Lauren, People Tree and some special, curated brands. Thoughtfully selected and designed to be worn again and again. I believe that today’s consumers are savvier and more socially conscious than ever and these looks, split between Samata’s Style and Wear The Look, reflect that.

Now, as much as I don’t mind a high street brand, that has never really been my entire wardrobe (often just 10%), so most of the brands that I wear are independent fashion brands; brands found off the beaten path, although some are stocked in major retailers. Some of my looks are high-end brands, which not everyone can afford, so where possible, we’ve tried to suggest different options to suit all budgets.

Since my sustainable fashion journey began with Suzy Amis Cameron’s campaign Red Carpet Green Dress, I have focused on buying quality and making it last. I would rather spend more on a decent pair of boots or jeans and wear them again and again, which is why you will see looks repeated on the website. I also believe in transformational fashion – I wear jumpsuits as trousers and dresses as skirts so don’t be surprised to see that happen here.

High street trends don’t dictate anything here, so although the best picks of the high street may be included, if you’re looking for high-street focused style boards than this isn’t for you. If you want something original and non-generic and to shop independent fashion which won’t have you looking like an insta-clone then this is the place to be!

In some cases, I wear samples that were limited edition pieces which simply aren’t available so we find the closest match possible across high street and independent brands to suit the tastes and budgets of my diverse range of followers. If a brand is super dynamic with its collection, we will link to the general category so you don’t get a failed link when searching for a piece I am wearing.

Some of the write ups will be authored by me, others by guest writers who are passionate about the look I am wearing! I am pleased to be independent designers as I personally want to support independent labels as much as the mainstream, after all, I am one too. At times, I’ll of course be wearing my own brand  – which reminds me…have you signed up yet? Sign up here!

That’s all for now.

Samata x