Browse #InSamatasOwn Style

We are updating this page and it will be back! Meanwhile, browse #InSamatasOwn through Samata’s social media feed which focuses on sustainable choices as much as possible – from vintage and second hand items, to eco or independent brands making locally, operating ethically and creating transparently all the way across to quality fabrics and ‘for life’ investment pieces.

We certainly do our best and look forward to being able to show 100% ethical looks here, even if we are not quite there yet; often you will notice that Samata repeats items again and again, or wears them transformationally, this is all part of her ethos to make any purchase last, and to move away from the throw-away culture that currently exists within fashion. Therefore, if the occasional high street piece is found in the mix, rest assured it is either a) not a recent purchase or b) Samata will be repeating the look regardless of what the ‘in trend’ dictates and giving it to a charity shop when she is done with it.