Say Something Transformational

It was definitely all love at the CANDID magazine party, celebrating the release of Candid Magazine’s 12th issue: The Fashion Issue and the launch of the AW16 Grooming Room at the beginning of this year. It was the perfect event for a Statement T but also for a little transformational fashion, read on to find out how I styled this look with a little more creativity than meets the naked eye…

Say Something T_v4

Bag – Okapi | Dress – Motel | Black dungaree pants – Le Ciel Bleu | Bracelet – Tory Burch / Alternative – Aurélie Bidermann

This edit is all about transformation fashion, for those who do not know what that means, transformational fashion is all about dressing in a multi-functional way or using your pieces beyond their first or natural purpose; for example, wearing jumpsuits as trousers, dresses as skirts with a jumper over – you name it – essentially making your clothing work so much harder for you (and for your money!).

If you buy good quality pieces we already know that they will last longer, but you can also use your imagination to make your pieces more versatile too, creating a stylish wardrobe with just a handful of garments. For example, take this particular look – here I am wearing a black jumpsuit folded over with the flaps hanging gown to create a pair of trousers and you see that top with the gold heart? Well, it is actually a dress from Motel Rocks! The hem has been rolled up and tucked inside (as it is a jersey fabric the material sits well and still stays fitted like a regular top). The ‘dressop/topress’ (I tried something here…roll with it) was paired with Le Ciel Bleu dungarees worn with the flap down (whilst these are now sold out, an alternative is the Noisy May Petite distressed dungarees with leather look patch detail which work just as well) to give the impression of a pair of trousers.
To make sure that the statement I was making with this look, in this case ‘Love’, did all the talking I kept the rest of my outfit simple. OKAPI’s Chestnut Zebra Ostrich bag with gold hardware finishing complimented the foiled heart perfectly and a Tory Burch Cuff finished the look. Interestingly, and little known about the brand,  the Tory Burch Foundation launched in 2009 to support the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs and their families in the U.S. Through loans, mentorship and entrepreneurial education, the foundation invests in the success and sustainability of women-owned small businesses.
When it comes to the transformational fashion look, I have a lot of time for it and wear my pieces in this way most of the time (as you can see from this little video) – seeing a dress or a jumpsuit as a unique top or pair of trousers is all part of the process when it comes to re-evaluating what you have in your wardrobe. So before you throw that dress away, ask yourself if you can wear it as skirt instead!  One of my favourite websites when it comes to customising and giving the clothing in your wardrobe a new lease of life is PSIMadeThis; it’s an innovative lifestyle brand founded by Erica Domesek. As the ultimate destination for customization and personalization, PSIMadeIt is on a mission to inspire and empower people around the globe to cultivate their inner-creativity and embrace the ever-growing do-it-yourself (DIY) way of life. The section on DIY Fashion here is full of creative and easy-to-execute tips, so take a look.
Don’t be afraid to mix up your wardrobe – try styling your favourite stretch jersey dress as a T-shirt with a more structured skirt over it and see what unique looks you can create. If you are one for Statement T, take a look at the posts here. What do you think of this look? Let us know in the comments below and if you like this content, be sure to Sign Up for more of the same – thank you!