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If you find the right fit and weight, make an investment in a jumpsuit, you will wear it as often as you would any luxe trouser and top combination.

Necklace – Marc Jacobs | Clutch – Antik Batik | Jumpsuit – Stella McCartney / Alternative selections  – Net A Porter | Shoes – Jessica Simpson | Scarf – U-NI-TY

A wardrobe relative to the all-purpose wrap dress, the right jumpsuit (in this case pocketed and uber comfortable), is the perfect fusion of fashion and function. Stella McCartney is one of my favourite go-to brands when it comes to picking up a jumpsuit as she always manages to make them chic, cool and ultra-wearable. I still believe we have to spend a bit more to get clothing that will really last in our wardrobe, but I know that not everyone can afford to pick up a Stella McCartney jumpsuit for a few hundred pounds (I saved up for mine), so take a look at these ones on Net A Porter (sorted by price low to high, from £100 upwards).

It is not all about the jumpsuit though, the real spotlight was on one of my favourite sustainable french fusion brands, Antik Batik. Known for eclectic and captivating designs, Euro-Indonesian influences ripple throughout the Antik Batik’s hand crafted pieces, and their items require several days of work, each piece is unique. Take the leather Hay clutch (which leave change from £200), it features interchanging rows of cowrie shells and beads and fabric tassels (I’m a huge fringing fan!) for example, expertly embellished this tribal-inspired patterned clutch, for me, made my entire look. Buy a bag and it will become an old recurring favourite from the very first outing.

Marc Jacob’s lost and found zipper necklace, at just over £100, catches the eye and contrasts with the jumpsuit – I also love it because it feels a little DIY and I always advocate for customising your wardrobe and the art of making your own – that is why P.S I Made This is one of my favourite websites (an uber cool and innovative lifestyle brand founded by Erica Domesek) and a great destination for customization and personalization. In a similar vein of originality, a great site to look to discover original, one of a kind fashion brands is Sara Simmons; Simmons founded Bespoke Your World and is also a fellow Women for Women advocate, she is also a total rockstar.

I strongly recommend visiting both of these websites before you consider throwing anything in your wardrobe away or if you want to find fashion off the beaten path – when it comes to your wardrobe, ‘Curate, curate, curate’. I wore this look when attending the launch of The Movement and would wear it again and again in the spirit of transformational fashion, by switching the look up with different scalves, headwraps or by throwing a top over the jumpsuit. What do you think of this look? Let us know in the comments below and if you like this content, be sure to Sign Up for more of the same by clicking below – thank you!