Style Files from London fashion week live

We have revamped the S Style page, formerly called Visual Moves. It features all of Samata’s favourite looks with some brand credits and an exclusive first look at all five of Samata’s #LFWSS16 looks. In some cases the exact item is available so we have linked to it in the outfit breakdown by each outfit, if we could not find it we linked to the brand category and the most similar items within it, but when the exact item becomes available again we update the links so keep checking them. Take a look, no wait! Before you look please note that this page is not, and will not ever be, an endless scrolling page of outfits, we have curated Samata’s top looks carefully.

Sometimes looks will be archived and put back online at a later time, so if everything goes according to plan this page will be dynamic and tell a story. The brands we feature are a combination of luxury ready to wear, vintage, independent boutiques and brands off-the-beaten path – the one thing they have in common is all of these pieces are cherished. We do not believe in fast, throwaway fashion – we repeat items, we repeat looks because fashion, real fashion, is meant to last.

Why this page? Well, across our platforms Samata has been asked questions about where she picked up certain pieces….so she has divulged some of her favourite brands on the S Style page. We want you to enjoy the outfits whilst you discover brands and believe that this page shows you just how much Samata loves using fashion to tell a story, a fashion diary of sorts. Ok, now you can look. Share, comment and all that good stuff.


2 responses to “Style Files from London fashion week live”

  1. Mary says:

    Amazing clothes and well worn

  2. samata says:

    Thanks Mary!