Sustainable Maternity Wear

As the world of sustainable wardrobe slowly spreads its wings and includes more diverse options among its shelves, mums-to-be everywhere are starting to flock together around the very same cause – what on Earth should you wear? It’s these special days of your pregnancy that show you how our society still has some adapting to do. Simply put, sustainable wear is not on every corner, let alone garments that a future mum would be able to use once she has her baby!

However, as a devoted fashionista and a clever shopper, there’s so much you can to do diversify your beautiful pregnant capsule wardrobe and still stay true to your beliefs and preferences.

Define your needs

As a mum-to-be, you’ll come across a specific set of style conundrums that may limit your options even without the sustainability in the equation. Your body is changing as it prepares for your baby, your comfort comes first, but you also need to make sure that you have the right support for the most sensitive areas such as your back and your ankles, and that you’re using natural materials that will help you regulate your body temperature.

That said, you can also take a closer look at what you already have, what you wish to replace, and what can be used during pregnancy if you make a few style adjustments. High-waist jeans may not be the best option, but stretchy leggings and baggy tees are always welcome assets of any pregnant lady’s wardrobe.

Borrow or exchange

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Talk to your family and friends and dive into the world of social media! This is where the true magic of sustainability happens, as the ladies who’ve been through the beauty of pregnancy know how challenging it is to source the right garments for your taste as well as your needs. Ask these ladies if they are giving away, selling or swapping some of their old maternity clothes. That way, you can enrich your wardrobe without actually contributing to consumerism.

You can even set up your own clothes swapping event, advertise it on social media and tell your Lamaze class companions, and you’ll quickly see how a flock of future moms can make a difference in a single community.

Multifunctional items

Fancy or not, the vast majority of maternity wear comes with a hefty price tag. While it’s a great idea to invest in your wardrobe, every mom would gladly go for something that comes with at least another function to be used after pregnancy. For example, breastfeeding-friendly hoodies are officially a fashion thing, while underwear that allows you to simplify the feeding sessions is a welcome addition and a valuable investment.

Crossover tops, just like wrap dresses, are a great way to add flexibility to your style and keep wearing the same item even when the belly subsides. Plus, these are exceptionally easy to adjust when you need to feed your little one. Active and fitness-loving moms will love those stretchy and breastfeeding-friendly athletic tops, which are true life-savers if your breasts become sore.


Think big

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Some brands may not have a line specifically designed for pregnancy needs, but you can easily find an online clothing store or two that have a plus size selection that will perfectly fit your growing belly and your style preferences. From breezy jumpsuits perfect for your summer strolls all the way to stylish wrap dresses, you can complete your day needs as well as your evening wear even if it doesn’t carry a “maternity” label.

This move alone will expand your possible shopping choices and help you find the best, most comfortable options that your body will truly enjoy. Even more importantly, you can continue wearing them after the baby comes, even if these pieces may need a tweak or two to fit perfectly.

Pay it forward

Finally, when you do complete your quest for momma must-haves, remember that lovely pieces are, in a sense, timeless, so you can keep them for any future parental endeavors. However, if you have no purpose for them, don’t forget your initial struggle to find the right fit, and help other pregnant ladies to make the most of their journey by offering them your little pregnancy wardrobe. Once again, a swap or a sell is a possibility, but you can easily give your clothes away to moms in less favorable financial circumstances.

Another tip to remember: choose sustainable garments made of comfortable, but durable fabrics so that they can last you long after the pregnancy and be equally comfy and supportive for other moms that may wear them.

By Claire Hastings

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