Wearing Samata at the Oscars 2016

Here it is. My Samata dress for the Oscars 2016, and here is the story behind it….

As many of you know my eponymous label is going to launch (you can sign up here). I have always been passionate about red carpet fashion, I am not entirely sure why aside from the fact that working with luxury fabrics and exploring cut thrills me – give me any opportunity to get dressed up, and I’m all over it – so the Oscars is always a chance to have fun with that concept. This piece was inspired by what I see in my mind when an individual confronts their destiny, it originally manifested as a woman leaning against a geometric emerald prism, seeing all the decisions, reflective musings and actions that brought her to this point. If you love this design you will definitely want to shop my upcoming collection, so be sure to sign up for alerts, for when it is time.

Finally, I wanted to dedicate this design to my late grandmother who passed away in February, my last elder. I sewed my grandparents initials into the lining of my dress and know they will all be with me on Oscars Sunday when I walk the carpet with our talent, Sophie Turner and Lily Cole, for Red Carpet Green Dress. Thank you to Innocente Messy for sewing my design together and literally creating exactly what I had sketched.


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  1. Als says:

    Liquidity comes to mind… Beautiful dress.