Today ahead of a special event this evening, I am launching my hashtag #WhyITribe, a hashtag with which I encourage you to share something positive about yourself, something you want to celebrate today. Maybe you landed just completed a project, had a personal breakthrough, or maybe you were there for a friend when they need you. #WhyITribe is about digging yourself, and not buying into the myth that you are not enough as you are. You are enough! #WhyITribe is why it is OK to be proud of the person I am already, versus the person I will be. It’s not about bragging, it’s about having self-esteem.

I am asking my friends and peers to share a post – it could be a picture or a caption – sharing why they feel it is important to celebrate who they are today or even what they are celebrating about themselves today – with the #WhyITribe. Please share across your social media platforms – I am on Onstagram and Twitter and would love to see the hashtag on there – my dream is to see it trending one day.

Here is mine.

I am dedicated to making my dreams a reality and not afraid to put the work in to create something memorable – #WhyITribe

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