COP 27 | Implementing Climate Action in Entertainment & Culture – Inclusive and Equitable Pathways Towards a More Sustainable Sector

Samata invited to speak at COP27 at a showcase for the Entertainment & Culture sector hosted by @unclimatechange at the @cop27_egypt in the Blue Zone.

The goals of the showcase were to:

– Uplift existing and emerging interdisciplinary initiatives decarbonizing the sectors as well as implementing further sustainability actions across the industries.

– Provide a movement-building opportunity for the successful development of the global sectoral initiative under the UNFCCC’s Marrakech Partnership: the Entertainment and Culture for Climate Action (ECCA).

– Gain support for a unified multi-stakeholder and global sectoral framework, currently being drafted, that implements sustainability in the following five key areas: decarbonization, content creation & storytelling, regeneration and biodiversity preservation, mutual aid & knowledge sharing, and broader climate action.

OVERHEATED LIVE is bringing together climate activists, musicians, and designers to discuss the climate crisis and their work to make a difference. There will be sessions on green practices in the music industry, the benefits of a plant-based diet, the methods of sustainable fashion, and the actions taken to mitigate climate change.

Hosts and speakers include Billie Eilish, Finneas, Ellie Goulding, Maggie Baird, Abbie McCarthy, Chiara Badiali, Daphne Frias, Einass Bakhiet, Eshita Kabra-Davies, Laura Verónica Muñoz, Mya-Rose Craig, Isaias Hernandez, Naza Alakija, Maxine Williams, Peter McGuinness, Robbie Lockie, Samata Pattinson, Stephanie Dillon, Tori Tsui, Vanessa Nakate, Wawa Gatheru, Yusuf Baluch, Sadhguru, Aditi Mayer, Dominique Palmer, Clover Hogan.

I wrote ‘Dear Fashion, we are not your Immigrants, and you are not our Expats’ in June of 2020. 

This reflects a habit I have of writing content and sitting on it due to anxiety or self-doubt.

This piece has been delayed and delayed for so long. All my own doing. To make it part of a wider project, to try and amplify it with a voice with a bigger platform than my humble community. I couldn’t get the people I wanted to get behind it and realised maybe it’s too out there and provocative. Or maybe they are just in their own projects and stretched to bandwidth, like we all are. I can only control, what I can control. 

Then I realised, I wanted it out there because my motivation for writing it was not for the amplification of others, but to reach and touch just a few like the ripple effect I always talk about (sometimes starting small is the best way). 

A ripple so that in turn, we all might start to see how language, the way we speak and the things we say, have the power to build or destroy, stereotype or shatter ceilings, and importantly, bring us closer together or push us further apart. 

If it does that for just a few listeners, I will be happy. So have a listen, tag a friend who might enjoy this, and I hope your language and communication become culturally richer as a result.

‘Dear Fashion, 

We are not your Immigrants and you are not our Expats.’

I filmed this at The Møller Institute at Churchill College Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). To find out more about me, visit To find out how the fashion industry has an impact on people and the planet, check out

OVERHEATED with Billie Eilish, support + Feed, Reverb & RCGD Global

I am joining Overheated and Support & Feed at the 02 in London because fashion impacts climate, and I want to be part of sharing why and how, and talking about how we can design better for the future. It’s a conversation for all of us. For manufacturers, brands, policy-makers and citizens. From the global north to the global south.

Find out more about the relationship between fashion and climate at Overheated – alongside many more days of climate-focused activities. A Reverb event bringing together climate activists, musicians, and designers to discuss the climate crisis and their work to make a difference. Happy to be part of such an important event, putting the focus on climate and impactful change.

Find out more and get your tickets at

Suzy Amis Cameron’s RCGD Global Evening Of Sustainable Innovation In Collaboration With TENCEL™ And CLO Virtual Fashion™

Suzy Amis Cameron’s RCGD Global Pre-Oscars celebration of sustainable fashion returned to Los Angeles on Friday 25th, March. The highly anticipated evening in partnership with TENCEL™ and CLO Virtual Fashion™ brought together friends and supporters of the organization to promote sustainability advances over the past two years within the design community. The evening also premiered the winning designs of the organisations 2020 and 2021 RCGD Global Design Contest to a cohort of sustainability supporters in Los Angeles.

SheerLuxe Show

On the SheerLuxe Show, Charlotte Collins is back with sustainable fashion, summer beauty and the best holiday reads – plus, a full-body workout.

First, Charlotte chats to Samata, CEO of Red Carpet Green Dress, a trailblazer for eco-conscious fashion who’ll be sharing her tips for shopping more sustainably. Later, watch what happened when we joined forces with the Charlotte Tilbury team to give one SheerLuxe reader a summer glow-up – plus, Lu is back to share the five outfits she’s wearing on repeat right now. Finally, there’s plenty of beach read inspo from the team, and a full-body workout with Melissa Kendter.


Graduate Fashion Week is back for 2021 featuring live-streamed runway shows & exclusively curated GFW Live!

RCGD CEO Samata joined talented designer Patrick McDowell and Hannah Carter from Relove London to review the final year collections, all focused on the theme of sustainability.

Industry talks alongside design exhibitions and a newly created digital event and portfolio platform are making scouting talent and new recruits for industry more accessible year-round. GFW gives new graduates the valuable visibility they need to begin conversations and establish connections with potential recruiters, buyers, stylists and media. The globally renowned event will showcase the brightest graduate fashion talent across 26 fashion specialisms from the Class of 2021.


Celebrating the spirit and the importance of DIY and materials that are built to last, this piece was a beautiful way to make the conversation more relatable and tangible with Samata. Sharing step-by-step how to’s and insider knowledge on which materials to invest in, LEVI’S x i-D put a spotlight on inspiring industry talent and shared their crucial know-how, encouraging the viewer to take control of their buying habits.

Take Action! | #FutureClosetSummit | Sustainable Fashion Forum

How do we create a more sustainable fashion future/future that isn’t wasteful? What does a truly sustainable fashion future mean? And how can we forge one that aligns with our values of inclusivity and accessibility.

In conversation with Aja Barber, Elizabeth Cline, Erin Wallace and Eshita Kabra-Davies.

CNN’s RCGD Oscars Special

Oscars fashion going green with Red Carpet Green Dress initiative

CNN’s Chloe Melas interviews Suzy Amis Cameron, founder of Red Carpet Green Dress and CEO Samata Pattinson ahead of the 2021 Oscars.

Going Green on the Oscar’s Red Carpet

On Sunday, April 25th the 93rd Academy Awards will take place not just in Hollywood but around the United States and Europe. Once again the Red Carpet Green Dress organization, which works to make sustainability always front of mind within the global apparel industry, teamed up with the environmentally responsible fiber company #TENCEL.

Together they have been working behind the scenes to create bespoke eco-friendly gowns for a number of this year’s #Oscar nominees and guests. Here the RCGD CEO #SamataPattinson and #HaroldWeghorst, the Global Vice President of Marketing and Branding at #TENCEL, discuss how sustainable fibers like those created from #TENCEL are giving the world better and longer-lasting sartorial options that look good while creating minimal impact on the planet.

CBS: Red Carpet Green Dress Showcases Sustainable Fashion at Academy Awards

Experts say the fashion industry is a major cause of pollution and, with all eyes on the Oscars red carpet Sunday, one organization is showcasing “conscious fashion.” Danya Bacchus reports with Samata Pattinson

Let's challenge the expectations for what Luxury and Black means....

Let’s talk about black owned luxury Whilst we are facing an uncertain future, and the income disparity is set to be exacerbated, in 2019, the combined buying power of blacks, Asian-Americans and Native Americans was estimated to be $2.4 trillion, while the nation’s Hispanics command $1.5 trillion in spending power—larger than the GDP of Australia. Africa now has the fastest-growing middle class in the world. Some 313 million people, 34% of Africa’s population, spend USD 2.20 a day, a 100% rise in less than 20 years, according to the African Development Bank. It is the world’s fastest-growing middle class. Let’s talk about not prohibiting the black community from participating in luxury fashion conversations. If we continue to act like we don’t have a place in these spaces, we will continue to only be product buyers and never brand owners.

Constellation Dreamers for #OneHumanity

A conversation about sustainable fashion, Red Carpet Green Dress, my journey and more. Ultimately (when focusing on the SDGs), had the current situation taken place before this was recorded, I would have said I also dream of a day where inclusive societies truly mean respectful and fair treatments of minorities. The 24-hour #Livestream charity event included Dua Lipa, Jason Derulo, Deepak Chopra, Becky G, Jay Shetty, Ceelo Green and so many more inspirational artists, athletes and activists from around the world – including me! We were raising funds for the world’s most impactful NGO’s and charity organisations to build a future 🌏 that we are all dreaming of.

A transatlantic conversation between RCGD and Nikki Reed about sustainability

RCGD CEO Samata sat down with designer, actress, singer-songwriter Nikki Reed to have a chat about all things sustainability related. They talked social justice, parental visions for our kids and how important it has been to tackle how we are seeing the world.

Red Carpet Green Dress™ (RCGD) is a women-led global change-making organisation, founded by Suzy Amis Cameron, working from ‘moment’ to movement, bringing sustainability to the forefront of conversation and action within the fashion and apparel industry.

Why mainstream platforms matter

A throwback to my chat with @revenvertabout why mainstream platforms matter for sustainable messages. In addition, check out the footage from the @RedCarpetGreenDress campaign earlier this year, and our Oscars red carpet moment with the wonderful @kaitlyndever in @louisvuitton at the end. Never not a relevant conversation. Special.

What Building a Sustainable Business Means Now — And How To Do It

What Building a Sustainable Business Means Now — And How To Do It. This workshop will zero in on what it means to build and maintain a sustainable brand right now and in the future. We’ll look at ethical materials sourcing and labor practices — and how you can infuse these values into your business while sticking to your budget. Speakers include Sally Brown, Hannah Diop, Karen Ballou, Lisa Olson Breaux, and Samata.

A transatlantic conversation between RCGD and Nikki Reed about sustainability

RCGD CEO Samata sat down with designer, actress, singer-songwriter Nikki Reed to have a chat about all things sustainability related. They talked social justice, parental visions for our kids and how important it has been to tackle how we are seeing the world.

Red Carpet Green Dress™ (RCGD) is a women-led global change-making organisation, founded by Suzy Amis Cameron, working from ‘moment’ to movement, bringing sustainability to the forefront of conversation and action within the fashion and apparel industry.

A definition of sustainability

I have struggled to define what Sustainability is for a long time, but recently feel like I have finally cracked how I want to describe it. Have a listen. Tag and share with anyone you feel might benefit from this description.

Fashion Business Series: Navigating the Circular Economy

Anything we can’t do forever is not sustainable” – David Attenborough In this session, Zara Odu, Elmar Stroomer, Samata and Esethu Cenga join Omoyemi Akerele on how to integrate ‘practical’ solutions to ensure that garments are designed to last through a full life cycle including the afterlife and back into the loop. The panelists also discuss implementing broad-reaching sustainable practices on the continent.

RCGD In Partnership with TENCEL™ Luxe

In an exciting new step to expand its impact within the global fashion industry, Red Carpet Green Dress™ has collaborated with textile giant Lenzing’s new luxury brand TENCEL™ Luxe to launch a range of eco-couture textiles.

Kaitlyn Dever Rocks Sustainable Louis Vuitton Gown to Oscars | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

The “Booksmart” actress wears completely sustainable look to the 2020 Oscars. Plus, Kaitlyn reveals how you can be better with fashion at home!

REV On Air With Samata of Red Carpet Green Dress

Rêve En Vert’s Cora sits down with the amazing Samata, CEO of Red Carpet, Green Dress, to discuss Samata’s work towards a sustainable future of fashion and her work with Suzy Amis Cameron to make the red carpet a more conscious entity. Samata and Cora also discuss the importance of female empowerment and leadership in business to create a more sustainable economy, and how they both remain motivated and optimistic when things become difficult. We are so excited to share this episode with you and hope you love it as much as we do!

How To Tie A Headwrap

Creative inspiration for headwrap wearers…

Getting Ready with Léa Seydoux | Oscars Red Carpet | LOUIS VUITTON

“We actors, we have to show the example.” The French actress Léa Seydoux shares her impressions about sustainability before her first Academy Awards ceremony. For her Louis Vuitton gown, Nicolas Ghesquière once again worked with the Red Carpet Green Dress initiative, which has been promoting ethical, sustainable fashion at the Oscars since 2009. The gown features a newly launched organic silk faille fabric made from TENCEL™ Luxe filament yarn. RCGD is a women-led global change-making organization founded by leading environmental advocate, Suzy Amis Cameron. Savoir-faire and innovation are two of the Maison’s core values, and Louis Vuitton continually strives to protect our shared natural resources through multiple environmental commitments. 

Copenhagen Fashion Summit: The power of creatives

Fashion designers hold the power, but how are they leveraging that power in their creative process to make items that we all fall in love with and that make sustainability cool?

Stephen Fairchild, Chief Creative and Brand Officer, Pandora
Christopher Raeburn, Creative Director, Christopher RÆBURN
Charlotte Eskildsen, Founder and Creative Director, Designers Remix

Moderated by Samata, Vice President, Red Carpet
Green Dress

CFS+ 1:1 Impact Conversations | Samata Pattinson + Omoyemi Akerele | Full Conversation

Two of our time’s trailblazing female leaders Samata Pattinson, CEO of Red Carpet Green Dress, and Omoyemi Akerele, Founder and Executive Director of Lagos Fashion Week and Founder of Style House Files, meet to discuss fashion’s influence on lifting the African continent, social justice and privilege, policy, and the broader definition of value. Together, they highlight provocative questions that lead to powerful answers and a call to action for change. This progressive and personal discussion takes place in the intimate setting of The Conduit in London, a space for people passionate about positive impact.

Red Carpet Green Dress™ Gala 2020 in partnership with TENCEL™ Luxe

On Feb 6, 2020, the Annual Red Carpet Green Dress™ (RCGD) Pre-Oscars Gala in partnership with TENCEL™ Luxe hosted an intimate dinner and cocktail party with over 100 friends, partners and industry executives. The launch celebrated a collaboration between textile giant Lenzing’s new luxury brand TENCEL™ Luxe and Red Carpet Green Dress to launch a range of eco-couture materials.

The 11th Pre Oscar party was held at the private residence of Absolut Elyx CEO, Jonas Tahlin. Guests in attendance included this year’s ambassadors Kaitlyn Dever (Unbelievable, Booksmart), Léa Seydoux (Spectre, Bond: No Time to Die), and Elena Andreicheva (BAFTA winner and current Oscar® nominee), who were also announced on the evening, along with past partners and allies including Danielle Macdonald, Tiffany Haddish, Tyrese Gibson, Meena Suvari and Zelda Williams.

Vogue Poland Business Summit

Let’s talk about what kind of leadership we need right now…

Cambridge University

In a world increasingly defined by system shocks, how might we collectively chart a course towards the future we want? As part of CISL’s Future we Want initiative, we are exploring this through a series of strategic discussions with leading thinkers from business, finance, government and academia.

By 2050, we will need to create a net negative emissions economy while restoring many of our natural systems. Who should be accountable to lead this and how can we accelerate measurable progress?

10th Annual Red Carpet Green Dress

Celebrating 10 years of sustainable fashion, author, actor and environmental advocate Suzy Amis Cameron hosted her annual Red Carpet Green Dress (RCGD) Pre-Oscars Celebration in partnership with Absolut Elyx, AMUR and AKA West Hollywood last night at the Albright Fashion Library in Beverly Hills. With over 160 guests, some high profile faces included this year’s celebrity partners Laura Harrier, Danielle Macdonald, last year’s representative LaKeith Stanfield, Amis Cameron’s husband James Cameron, Michelle Rodriguez, and Fiona Xie among others.

RCGD Snippets & Interviews


Women In Broadcasting

ITV Women In Broadcasting conference discussing women in broadcasting being held at the end of the month.

2016 EMA Awards: Green Carpet Interviews

Watch Will Smith, Louie Psihoyos, Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, Samata Pattinson, Sophie Uliano, and others on Hollywood’s largest green carpet at the 2016 Environmental Awards.

Samata interview with Berkeley Bold

Samata, Fashion Entrepreneur and Global Campaign Director of Red Carpet Green Dress, sat down with Josephine Elliott, Editor in Chief of Berkeley Bold at Berkeley College, New York City for #BerkeleyBold, the official student lifestyle magazine. #fashion

A Realistic Guide To Sustainable Fashion | i-D

With the fashion industry now being named one of the world’s leading polluters, It’s time to take action. Five young creatives share tips and tricks on how you can enjoy fashion responsibly. Whether you’re buying, maintaining or disposing of clothes, there’s always a more sustainable answer. Are you ready to make sustainable fashion choices in 2019?

GFW x Samsung KX Slow Catwalk and Sustainability Panel Talk

GFW x Samsung KX Slow Catwalk and Sustainability Panel Talk