Notre Monde give me goosebumps

Despite how it may seem, I am a housecoat and when work seasons get intense, I appreciate my time at home that little bit more. Being home means getting the chance to get[…]

Sustainable time-keeping? We love VOTCH Watches!

Sustainable fashion doesn’t end at clothes any more than fast fashion does. Accessorising is important to any fashion lover, even those of us who strive to be conscious about what we wear. What’s[…]

Pure Thoughts, a Britain-Made Alternative to Conventional Candles

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All You Need to Know About Ethical Denim

Photo by João Paulo de Souza Oliveira on Unsplash We have always been told that the one must-have item for a woman is the perfect pair of jeans. The right jeans can make[…]

Kalinko – Knowledge and Skill at its finest…

While it’s easy to think of sustainability as merely the act of ‘doing things’, like when we’re walking instead of driving, or remembering to turn off the light switches, but committing to it[…]

Serendipity Organics – A Magical Find

Sustainable fashion is my day-to-day. It is, first and foremost, the focus of my work; however, it is also a life philosophy. I love living in a time in which it is getting[…]