Nordiskan’s Comfortable Wool Throws, a Testament to Danish Hygge

In the past few decades, one word has become an essential part of the soft and happy Danish way of life: hygge. Pronounced “hoo-gah,” it’s one of those beautiful words with no direct[…]

Medley’s Organic and Tailor-Made Furniture

The 20th century brought about many advancements which have undoubtedly made life easier and more convenient for so many, though often at the expense of being respectful of our much-loved planet. Items that[…]

The Joyful, Unique and Sustainable Happy Habitat Throws

While California is a place of year-round sun and pleasant weather, my British heart is well-adjusted to much harsher winters. In the long months of cold, it becomes essential to have a set[…]

A conversation with Moonshine, expert craftsmanship lighting up the world

Lately, I’ve been on a mission to find home brands that fit this bill, and few have astonished me quite like the Moonshine Lamp Co. Have a read of my interview with founder[…]

Mad about moonshine

As someone who works in sustainable fashion, one of the essential things on my agenda is helping people outside the industry see the marriage between conscious living and aesthetics. There’s a world out[…]

Mas Salagros, A Magical Eco Resort Right Outside Barcelona

My life can be a little hectic, with a busy career that keeps me travelling on a fairly regular basis and a toddler to care for – and whose childhood I have no[…]

An Urban Oasis of Luxury at AKA, the Perfect Place for a Longer Los Angeles Stay

Los Angeles is a great town, but that comes with a few hiccups: it’s also noisy and it can even feel altered. The iconic California city might be full of palm trees and[…]

Lydhurst Cottages: Sustainable Retreats without boarding a plane

The last long-bank holiday past I was determined to make something of the 3 days of expected blistering sun. Let’s face it, when the sun hits the UK it brings out a different[…]

The Medieval Fairy-Tale Town in Belgium: Feel the Spirit of Brugge

A perfect destination for celebrating the New Year’s Eve, Christmas, or this holiday spirit in general, Bruges (or Brugge in Dutch) is a small town in Belgium where time has stopped for good.[…]

When in Rome…Villa Spalletti Trivelli

There’s a special warmth to Italy. It’s an old country, one that has stood by its traditions for many centuries, deeply in awe of its heritage. The Italian lifestyle, with its love of[…]