Come join Samata’s Home, a virtual space in the Metaverse where fashion meets sustainability! Accessible through Spatial, the largest 3D social network, users can enter using their smartphone, computer, or VR headset. Additionally, visitors can access Samata’s Home through OVER, a decentralized infrastructure that merges the physical and virtual world through Augmented Reality.

Samata Pattinson, a Cultural Sustainability Pioneer in Fashion, Film, Design, and Media, and CEO of RCGD Global, has created a space that allows users to learn about fashion sustainability and her involvement in projects that aim to create a more sustainable fashion industry. Users can complete an eco-fashion quest and gain a deeper understanding of sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

In Samata’s Home, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the space, attend live events and presentations. Whether it’s a panel discussion on sustainability in fashion or a meetup, visitors can connect with like-minded individuals and learn from experts in the field.

Experience the intersection of fashion and sustainability in Samata’s Home, where virtual and physical worlds come together to create a more sustainable future.