Consciously cleaning with Supernatural

We’ve heavily normalised cleaning as a chemical-fueled endeavour, but there’s a lot to be said about its methods and ingredients. Traditional house cleaning products contain a myriad of toxic chemicals that contribute to health issues, particularly respiratory problems, and allergens. Plus, they’re famously dangerous to have in a home with toddlers, collaborating to a huge number of the poisoning of small children under 6. Of course, these chemicals then go straight into our pipes, damaging our waters and adding to the dangerous cycle of staining our planet with harmful substances. And to make matters even worse, the packaging is always heavy on plastic and made to be disposable.

Taking all this into account, Suzy Batiz decided to step up and do something about it. She partnered with a “hippie chemist friend” and embarked on a set of trials to find the perfect balance between excellent cleaning products and great smells. An enthusiast of aromatherapy and essential oils, Suzy sought to create a product that could elevate a practice as mundane as cleaning. After nearly two years of testing, they came up with Supernatural, a brand I’ve fallen absolutely in love with.

supernatural cleaning concentrates starter kit

The idea behind Supernatural is simple yet noble: elevating every experience of life, even scrubbing, through aromatherapy. Besides the focus on clean and natural smells that improve the experience, each Supernatural product is fully organic. They are free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, dyes, volatile organic compounds (VOC), ammonia and chlorine bleach. Their cleaning products, formulated for different surfaces, are based on simple products found on our Earth: plants, minerals, and essential oils, and as such, USDA certified as 100% organic. These products are fully vegan, gluten-free and not tested on animals, choosing labs for testing instead, through a partnership with Bureau Veritas for full transparency. And the most important thing: they don’t just clean well, they’re better than conventional and store-bought products.

One of the things I love about this brand is its dedication to conscious living. Their goal is becoming the company with the lowest carbon footprint in the cleaning industry, and they do so much to fulfill that goal. The Supernatural Starter Set is a promise of sustainability: four reusable glass spray bottles for each of their surface-specialised products, plus concentrate vials. You can then refill your bottles whenever you need to, always receiving your items in fully recycled packaging. All the materials of their packaging are reusable, and certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative, which means the paper comes from sustainably managed forests. As a plus, for every starter set purchased, Supernatural vows to plant two trees.

The four Supernatural vials work for Counters + Granite, Glass + Mirrors, Bath + Tile, and Wood + Floors. It’s only a matter of adding water to the concentrate and then find yourself in a new experience, giving a new smell to your home while keeping it pristine – without damaging the planet in the process. This is just the kind of out-of-the-box thinking I love to see in sustainable companies, always second-guessing things we have taken for granted and looking beyond. There’s always a way to make each product more sustainable, and Supernatural’s drive towards reducing its carbon footprint is nothing short of inspiring!

Find out more about the brand here.

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